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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Last Post Here

Today is the last day I'll be posting over here. Come join me at Clothed with Grace from to see this full post today and from now on : )

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


In case you missed it, I've moved over to Clothed with Grace, come join me over there to see today's full post. : )

Monday, April 13, 2015

Loving Lately

Today I thought I'd share some things I'm loving lately!

Just a reminder, I'm now blogging over at Clothed with Grace, come join me over there to see this full post and update that book mark too. : )

Thursday, April 9, 2015


In case you missed the memo yesterday I've move my blog to a new location, here: Clothed with Grace. I'm excited for the chance, come join me!  I plan to post here for a few more days, while everything gets switched over, but please come join me at Clothed with Grace to see the full post : )

I just got my forth Rocksbox. I was able to preview what they sent and it's safe to say I was stalking the mailbox. This Kendra Scott necklace was part of the box and living in Nebraska I haven't seen any pieces first hand, so I was so excited to get to try a piece out! That I think is one of the best things about this service. I love a getting the change to try brands I wouldn't normally get a chance to see. It's been so fun!

 If you're not familiar with Rocksbox it's a fun monthly jewelry service.  It normally cost $19 a month, but you get a $10 credit towards any purchases. You can also send the box back and forth as many times as you want each month. I'm really loving getting to try it out and you can try it free for a month too. Just go to Rocksbox and use code "newfavoriteoutfitxoxo" at checkout.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Big Changes

For quite a while I've been itching to change the name of my blog.  When I created this blog over two years ago, the name really fit. I had rediscovered my closet and every outfit I put together was literally "My New Favorite Outfit." Now, two and a half years later, I still enjoy getting dressed and want to feel good in my clothes, but it's ok for an outfit, to just be an outfit.

I began thinking and searching and thought about who I am, and then I realized that I am way more than the clothes I wear, I am "Clothed with Grace" by an unfailing God! He pours out his grace on me so freely and I'm so thankful for that! The new name was born.  :)

So here's my plan. I'm still working on getting everything switched over, including Bloglovin' for those who follow me that way, so I'm going to continue to post here for another week or so. A lot of you have my blog bookmarked, so I want to make sure you have a chance to re-bookmark my new address at Clothed with Grace. I don't believe those of you who follow through GFC will be able to see new posts once I've moved, so you'll probably need to refollow over there too.

I'd love for you to stop over there today and let me know your thoughts!

Now, here's today's post!

First off, I love how this outfit came together. I think it's perfect for this spring and summer, and I felt great wearing it. I just got this top after seeing it on another blogger. I hadn't ordered anything from Sheinside before but have seen c/o pieces on other bloggers.

Everything on Sheinside is super cheap and it comes from China. The top I'm wearing today was only $10, and you get 30% off your first purchase, so I figured, what did I have to lose other than $7. I normally get a medium (sometimes small), but I ordered a large, as I've heard that the sizing runs small when ordering from a site located in China. It only took about two weeks to get here, which I thought was pretty good, but I'll tell you, you get what you pay for.

This "large" fits more like a small-medium in my opinion. It doesn't have a tag of any kind, so who knows if it really is a large. There aren't any washing instruction either; I ended up washing it in warm/cold and not drying it, and that worked fine, though.

So, although I think this print is absolutely adorable, I definitely got what I paid for. I don't think I'll order from Sheinside again. I know some bloggers who really like it, but I think I'll stick to brands I know.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Getting Ready for Spring

"Outside! I love outside!" This is what I heard from Grant recently when I suggested he play outside. After being cooped up in the house all winter, it's like he needed to be reminded of the fun he could have. We spend a lot of time outside once it's nice, so I was excited to go pick out some fun things from Gordmans to help get the patio ready for spring.

Playing outside is a lot of work for a kid and I'm not a fan of running in and out and tracking sand all over the place. Who's with me?!?!? So I was excited to find this fun ice bucket at Gordmans. It's been on my list of wants for a long time, so it was a fun find! Now we can have ice water to cool down and keep the sand outside where it belongs.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pretty Jewels Make Me Happy

Recently I discovered Lauren's Little Luxuries through Instagram and I fell in love. Her pieces are beautiful and custom made. She was kind enough to send over this necklace and  this bracelet for me to add to the other two pieces I purchased, this bracelet and this bracelet.

Her prices are great and her necklaces are unlike anything I've seen before. I also love that you can custom order the size of bangle you want, based on your wrist size, I got small. She's also kind enough to giveaway a $30 credit to her shop! You can enter down below!

As for my outfit today, I got this dress at a clothing swap and have been waiting to wear it for nearly two month. It's officially maxi season in my book. : )  I've had this cardigan from J.Crew for almost a decade and love wearing it as a light layer. I can't forget these sandals, they are the best! I scooped them up quite a while ago, and not it's finally warm enough to wear them. There are definitely going to be my go-to sandal this summer.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is Alive!

Today is Easter, it a reminder of Christ's love for us and that although the world crucified him he has overcome the grave!

Maybe as you read this you're in your jammies, sipping coffee and looking forward to a family brunch.

Maybe you don't know what this "God stuff" is all about.

Maybe you're wishing you'd gone to church.

Maybe you're reading this alone in the evening after you've seen your Facebook and Instagram flooded with images of "perfect days" spent with family, saddened that this isn't your reality.

Regardless of where you are today, God wants to meet you right there. We sang this in last night and today and I've overwhelmed by the lyrics. I hope you'll take the time to listen to this beautiful song.

I want you to know God loves you, just as you are. I hope you'll hear this truth and let it change you for the better.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Style for Spring

I have the itch for spring clothes. How about you? It seems like when the seasons switch I have a hard time deciding what to wear. I'm going to make it easy on you, if you have the same problem. I've created 28 outfits to help you get inspired to dress for spring. Just sign up for my email list, and I'll send them your way!

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