My New Favorite Outfit: Building a Wardrobe

Building a Wardrobe

Knowing what pieces are essential to have in your closet can be tough, so I'd like to make it a bit easy for you. Down below are the links to my "Building a Wardrobe Series" to aid you in creating and having a wardrobe you love!

First, I tackled this topic with fall and winter clothes. Take a look at each of the links below to get some ideas of essential pieces to have in your closet:
I wrapped up the series by Putting All the Pieces Together with a handy graphic and checklist for you all too.

Next, I tackled the topic with spring and summer clothes. Take a look at the links below to help you get the right pieces into your closet:

Looking for some tips on closet organization? Check out this post, it'll help you make sense of what you have and help you know when it's time for the item to go!

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