My New Favorite Outfit: Blog Love

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog Love

Blog Everyday in May Challenge, Day 19: Blogs I love

I already shared with you all three blogger girls I'm crazy about from the Blogger Crush post earlier in the blog everyday challenge, so today I'll share a few more that I love to read each day.

First off, Inge's a teacher, so she get's double "awesome" points.  She does casual really well, which I feel I totally lack.  She always looks cute, put together, and comfortable, which I think is a fabulous combination.  I know if we taught in the same building we'd be not only great "blogging" friends, but real life ones too. : )

Amy knows color and she does it impeccably. I kind of want to wear this outfit, like yesterday.  Amy started stopping by my blog when I had like five followers, back when I was full of awkward poses and hadn't really gotten into a blogging groove yet.  I always enjoy seeing what she's wearing and hearing tidbits about her life.

Agi stopped my my blog when I was just starting my 30x30 challenge and she was starting hers too. She have a great classic style and will do style remixes like the picture above, which I love.  Who wants to just wear a piece of clothing one way?  Agi always takes the time to stop by blog each day and always leaves very thoughtful comments.  I so wish she was next door instead of in Canada.

Ada always stops by my blog and leaves the nicest comments.  She's also featured me on her blog number of times, which is so sweet! She aslo has the most precious baby, Vivian, who's turing out to be a fashionista, just like her mom. : )

Chelsea at Whatcha Makin' Now

Chelsea is my sister, best friend, and she makes super delicious food like this:

I want to eat it now. Chelsea had her blog for about a year before I started mine, back when I didn't really know what a blog was.  She's always enjoyed cooking (I totally do not), so as a fun hobby she started her blog to chronicle all the delicious foods she tried to make.  She also is very tech savvy and has come to my rescue many a time, like making my blog button, my button likes for Pinterest (etc.), and explaining basically how all this blogging stuff worked, as I. Did. Not. Have. A. Clue.

What are you waiting for, go check these girls out! : )


  1. Oh Ginny, Thank you so much. That is so very sweet of you. I also follow Amy and Ada. You made my day:) I"m off to work now. I would be nice to live closer. I need more blogger friends :)


  2. Ohmygoodness, thanks so much Ginny! We would totally be real life friends, and you could share your thrifting tips over faculty lunches =)

  3. very pretty outfit!

  4. thanks for sharing these new-to-me bloggers!

  5. Can't wait to check these girls out! Thanks for the recommendations :)

  6. I'll definately have to go check out their blogs! Their blogs all sound wonderful:) And that is so awesome that your sister can cook, I really wish I can but I can't :(

  7. Thank you so much for this Wonderful Sunday Surprise. Glad to have someone nice & stylish like you who supports me fully. Thanks again.

    P.S. Always a Pleasure to have you Grace My Blog.

  8. Lovely ladies all.....thanks for sharing their styles!!!