My New Favorite Outfit: Pattern Play

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pattern Play

Blog Everyday in May Challenge, Day 13: Issue a public apology

This one was kind of hard for me, I didn't know how to take it, it could be serious or funny, so I tried to take the funny route.  Here goes:  I'm sorry I have such an amazing thrift store down the street.  So many of you comment about my finds, and I know, it's kind of crazy.  I'm sorry that in the thirty minutes I spend in there once I week and I can find such cool, like new items.  I'm sorry your thrift store smells like old men and cheese and only contains clothes with weird stains. Whew, glad I got that off my chest.

Now to my outfit: All of these pieces are ones I've had in my closet for a while, but I hadn't considered them together. I got this skirt back in the fall and wore it initially with a black lace top, then didn't really now where to go with the skirt next. I'm pretty happy with this final look, but I kind of wish I had a cardigan in the same color as the top, instead of the black. Or denim, maybe denim. Hmm...

Also, Ada at Elegance and Mommyhood did a sweet feature of me and a few other moms for Mother's Day, stop by and say hi to her. : )

Cardigan: JCrew (circa 2007ish)
Top: Express $25
Skirt: H&M $12
Necklaces: Charming Charlie $1 and Stella and Dot Libby Layering
Bracelts: Express, Kohl's, and Stella and Dot Kalahari
Shoes: Fergalicious $30


  1. my thrift store does smell!! i love the pattern on your skirt!

  2. Haha I love this Public Apology. I actually mentioned something about you & thrift stores in my post today? Were we reading each other's minds? LOL

    I love the Skirt. I would try a Deep Emerald Green Top/Cardigan with it or Yellow/Mustard. Also to bring out one of the colors of the Skirt try pairing it either with Red, Orange, Burgundy or Hot Pink. Hope you had a Great Mother's Day.

  3. Haha, my GW definitely has some smells in there! Love the geometric print on your skirt!

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  4. Haha thank you for apologizing for your amazing thrifting luck. As someone who has NONE and rarely scores a thrift store find, it's greatly appreciated!

  5. Oh the ups and downs of thrifting... love this skirt!

  6. We definitely don't have awesome stores like you do. And ours smell like cigarettes. Boo. Love your look!


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  7. Love your outfit and you definitely don't have to apologize. Good for you for having a great thrift store nearby. Wish I did.


  8. Haha I guess I accept your apology, my local thrift stores definitely smell unpleasant and rarely has near as great as what you find! Great skirt, I really like the pattern and colors.

  9. Love your outift. I'm not a fashionista, but I think a pink cardigan or top would look cute with it too. Hope you had a great weekend with your sister, Happy Belated Birthday!

  10. Hahaha - I accept your apology. The thrift stores around me aren't awesome, and I'm pretty jealous of the crazy good deals you find! Every so often, I will decide that I just need to try again, and I pretty much always strike out.

    I really love this outfit! I think a denim jacket would also look great with it!

  11. Ooo, geometric shapes!! I love your skirt, Ginny!

  12. Haha, love your apology. Your skirt is so cute, what a great outfit.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. Love that skirt!!! Such a fun print and I love red! :)

  14. Cute, both the apology and the skirt. :)

  15. you are forgiven! colours of that outfit really suit you :)

  16. i havent had so much luck on the thrift store! i love your outfit. love the pattern on your skirt! you look very lovely

    Delightful Ideas

  17. Your skirt is so lush! I love it!

    Sara xx

  18. I can't even explain how much I adore your skirt. The colours and pattern are stunning. The way you styled it is so incredibly classy.

  19. I'm glad you apologized because every time I think I'll get lucky at the Plato's around the block and then don't, I shake my fist in the air and think of you LOL.. All your finds are amazing. Lucky!