My New Favorite Outfit: Oh, I love a good deal

Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh, I love a good deal

Fashion is something that I've always loved, affordable or not so affordable, if I've loved it I've bought it.  After getting married my husband and I created a budget (gasp) and although my interest in fashion didn't change, my budget did. Since then I'm always trying to get as much bang for my buck as possible. Through this blog I hope to show that you can wear cute, stand-out fashion on a budget.

Cardigan: Billabong $3 (thrifted) Similar
Skirt: Target $6  Buy it here and Similar
Belt: New York and Co $3 Similar and Similar
Shoes JCrew (circa 2007) Similar and Similar
Necklace Charming Charlie $10  Similar and Similar

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