My New Favorite Outfit: (Striving to Be): Super-mom Summer Series

Saturday, June 15, 2013

(Striving to Be): Super-mom Summer Series

As I said last Saturday, I've started to do some summer activities with the Granster and I've decided to share them with you all here in Blogland to help keep me accountable. : )  This week's topic was sand, and did we have fun!

Sandy Snacks: easy and delicious! Here's the recipe. It's an easy one for kids to help with and enjoy right away! Grant was able to "help" with everything; I love that he's at this age! I'm pretty sure he has one of the gummy worms in his mouth in this picture...

Sand Art: I found this pin and decided to give it a try.  Grant had a blast and the texture was such fun!  I got colored sand for like $2 at Michaels and used matching paint, but I think I could have just as easily used normal sand as well.

Sand Science Activity: I found this idea to get a big magnet and hide magnetic things in sand for Grant to find. I used the leftover sand from sand painting and magnetic letters, so it was great practice with letter recognition.  Grant loved this!  I used a coupon and got the big magnet for like $1 at Michaels.

Moon Sand: I found this pin and loved the simplicity of the "recipe," however I was not to crazy with the result.  Grant thought it was ok, but I pictured it being a cross between sand and Plato, but it was just kind of weird.  Bummer.

Sandy Dinosaur Dig:  I loved this and so did Grant.  My sister found the idea and sent it my way.  Here's the pin with the details, which I followed exactly.  Basically I got a six pack of little dinosaurs from the Dollar Tree, mixed together sand, flour, coffee grounds, and water, then folded the doughy mix around the dinosaurs and baked them for 30 minutes.  Then, I went out and hid them in Grant's sandbox.  He loved finding them and it was a pretty cool activity.

We also finally got around to putting the wheel up on Grant's playset.  We then took a ride on the "Dinosaur Train."  Choo!  Choo!

The real disappointment of the week was that we'd planned to go to this cool sand-sculpting event downtown, but it rained the entire weekend. : (  I feel so bad for those who competed.  We did get a chance to go to the Children's Museum to the Bug exhibit liked I mentioned last week.  Here's a couple pictures from that:

These are "fly" glasses, pretty silly. : )

His favorite part was the fire engine and dress up though, he went every where in the whole place wearing this costume.


  1. I AM LOVING THIS SERIES. Due also to Grant's Cuteness. Adorable Pics.

    Enjoy the Weekend!

  2. What fun!! E loves to help with everything too, and I'm so glad she's at that age where she can! It makes everything so much more fun, doesn't it? :) Also, that Children's Museum is THE. BOMB. Looking forward to more from this series!

  3. Awe. How fun! I'm sure he thinks your the best mom ever.