My New Favorite Outfit: How to Pack for Vacation, and OOTD, and Vacation Highlights

Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Pack for Vacation, and OOTD, and Vacation Highlights

We just got back from Lake of the Ozarks earlier this week and it was a great trip, and really the first one Brian and I have been on since getting married nearly seven years ago and definitely the first one with Grant.  My parents rented a house, so I didn't need to worry about "roughing it," (thank goodness!), but I did really put some thought into what we should pack.  We needed to take food for meals, some toys for Grant, and all of our clothes.  I wanted to make sure not to over-pack but I didn't want to under-pack either.  We were there for six days, which was in my opinion, a great length of time for the trip.

Here are some things I did to make sure I could still look cute, but still have everything fit well into one suitcase:

  • Keep accessories to a minimum, I chose three versatile necklaces and left all my bracelets at home.
  • Chose neutral shoes. I picked two sandals, gold and black, that would go with everything, therefore taking up less space.
  • Chose light-weight, low wrinkle pieces of clothing.  Who wants to iron on vacation, pick pieces you won't have to worry about and breathable fabrics too.  
  • Plan outfits ahead of time and take a quick picture of each outfit, then pack all the pieces of the outfit together.  This will simply getting ready in a new environment.  I don't know about you, but it always takes me longer to get ready in a new place, and digging though your suitcase to pick out an outfit is no fun. 
  • I also packed planned outfits I've worn before.  In my opinion, vacation isn't the time to try new outfits, what if you don't like it once it's on, no fun.  If you want to try a new outfit on vacation, make sure to try it on ahead of time to make sure you'll like it.
  • Take one extra outfit for back up and one or two basic shirts if the outfit you planned doesn't fit the daily activity.
  • Pack extra undergarments, and plastic bags for your dirty clothes to keep them separate from your clean clothes.
  • Pack one light jacket, like a denim or utility jacket. It is summer, but you want to be ready for cool mornings.

Here's a visual of the outfits I planned and wore.  These worked out great. I pretty much wore them in the morning for our activities, then lived in my suit in the afternoon and into the evening.

I had my sister snap one outfit picture while we were there.  I wore this for a morning of going to the outlet mall nearby.  It ended up warming up quickly, so the jacket didn't stay on long.  I think I've worn this top and shorts together about a million times.  I really love it with my necklace from Edith Marie Jewelry and my favorite gold sandals of the summer.

Denim Jacket: The Limited similar
Top: Arc and Co. similar
Shorts: Loft similar
Necklace: Edith Marie Jewelry same
Shoes: Crown Vintage same

Lake of the Ozarks was really fun, here are few pictures from the trip.  Grant was able to fish for the first time and loved it!  He caught a number of Perch who like to hang out around the dock.  We also went boating, mini golfing, and swimming like crazy.  I also had my first experience in over a decade on a jet ski, that was super fun and Brian and I only fell off once.  Yes, vacation was fun and I'm definitely going to try to make a point of planning a trip like this each year from now on.


  1. I am so glad you got to enjoy that week with your family. Your boy is so precious!! I would love to raid your closet!! Susan

  2. I agree with you pack a light weight jacket as I learned the fancy restaurant my hubby and I ate at on vacation was super chilly and I had no jacket. Lessons learned. I love the photos. Rachelxo

  3. Vacations are the best! It looks like you had so much fun! Love all your packing tips!

  4. I always pack extra outfits just in case. Its a great idea. You are rocking that vacation look. Those floral shorts are amazing

  5. Ahh it looks like a great trip, I'm glad you guys had fun! I usually plan to wear outfits I've already worn before for vacation too, it's just way easier and you know it already works.

  6. Great tips! Looks like a fun trip!

  7. So fun! I absolutely agree with your packing tips. I used to pack all items from a category together, but on my most recent trip, I packed outfits together and it was much easier to find things when I was trying to live out of my suitcase!

  8. Great post, sis! It was an amazing vacation!

  9. So many cute looks! Great packing tips too--I'm a notorious over-packer.

  10. I think you are such a charming, positive girl, I really love the way you are dressed. You have wonderful taste in clothes, indeed. Besides, those snapshots are so lovely, it's just priceless when you have such possibility to spend time with your family and loved once! Enjoyed it!
    Have a fabulous time!

  11. Great advices for packing. Somehow when ever it comes to packing I keep forgetting and pack way too many. You have paired such a wonderful looks with you. And in these photos you look SO cute in those pretty floral shorts.

    xoxo Ra

  12. Looks like so much fun. Love your outfits!!!!


  13. AH! It looks like such a fabulous time and absolutely adore your outfit! Those silver shoes are too cute!

    Rachel's Lookbook