My New Favorite Outfit: Life Lately

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Life Lately

Today I thought I'd share a bit of how I spent my Christmas break.  It was so nice to be at home and relaxing. I shared some of what I did on Instagram and thought I'd share with you all on here too.

1. On the first day of break I went to Target to finish up some Christmas shopping. It's funny how shopping alone at Target can feel so relaxing.  I found the cutest Christmas terrarium for like $8. I'd recently seen a really cute DIY version, but once I saw this I knew this would be even better. : )

2. We also went out for dinner as a family then drove to look at some Christmas lights.  Grant was in awe and hadn't ever seen anything like this before, and it was set to music!

3. On Christmas Eve we went to the evening service at church.  This is the first time we've done this since Grant has been born.  We usually spend Christmas Eve at my parents' house and their service isn't until 11:00 (too late for Grant and me anymore), but this year everyone was coming to our house for Christmas day.  The 5:00 service at our church was great and Grant was probably the most well behaved he's been. Bonus. : )

4. I grew up getting to open a present on Christmas Eve, so we've continued the tradition with Grant.  He got this Batman playset and was so excited.  We do a lot of imagining with action figures around here. : )

5. On Christmas everyone came over and it was a really wonderful day. I've definitely had more food in the last two weeks than I've needed, including this chocolate from my parents!

6. Oh, I also wore clothes.  I picked up this shirt at Target for $5 and adore it!

7. I'm also a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars.  We recently got Netflix and I decided to re-watch the show from the beginning to look for clues about who "A" really is. I've decided that the writers weren't sure themselves about who "A" was in the beginning.... It's fun watching it again and I do think I'm picking up on some things I missed the first time, but I'm still not sure who the real "A" is. Sigh...

8. Grant and I got to spend a Saturday with my sister, mom, and sister's M.I.L. It was really fun and my sister for Grant a balloon powered race car. Best $2 spent ever. He's had so much fun with it!

9. I also went to Hobby Lobby for "scrapbook supplies" and found this adorable house for $5 and a glittery bust of a deer too. Score! Oh, and I got scrapbook stuff too. ; )

10. I also had some time to spend with our Beagle, Gracie, too.  I think having us home has really worn her out. The dog just acts exhausted!

11. I also started Enrique's Journey for our January Book Club book. You. Guys. It is a must read. As a teacher to a larger population of Hispanic kids it opened my eyes to what many of their or their parents' journeys looked like.

12.  I also got caught up on scrapbooking!!! Grant went to his Grandma's house for two days and Brian had to work. I literally scrapbooked for like two days straight, but I'm now caught up and it feels great! 

I hope you all had a great time over the holidays! I know the time was exactly what I needed!


  1. You got some cute Christmas items for a deal! I love that terrarium!

  2. pretty little liars is my favorite! :D

  3. Looks like a wonderful time spent with family and getting some nice relaxing in, too:) It's hard after the holidays. I always feel a little sad taking down the decorations (although ours are still up:). And it's too cold. It needs to go straight from Christmas to spring time!

  4. Sounds like a pretty good break! I didn't know you have a beagle! My sister just got one for her girls for Christmas (they've been begging for a dog forever!), and now I'm seeing beagles everywhere!

  5. Love seeing the realness in your blog these days! Not that you were ever even close to "fake", just now we get a glimpse into your personal life and it's been fun!! But gosh, I can't help it, your outfit selfie is my fave! lol

  6. What a wonderful break! I wish I was back on break again. I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things!

  7. Sounds like you had an amazing break! Happy New Year!

  8. It looks like you made the most of your break! I loved having the time off, but it went by so quickly!