My New Favorite Outfit: Tips for Styling an Apple Shape

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tips for Styling an Apple Shape

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Today I'm excited to be back with another edition of my series, dressing for your body type. In case you've missed it first I talked about how to dress for an hourglass shape, next I talked about dressing for a pear shape, then I talked about dressing for inverted triangle. Today I'll be discussing how to dress if you are an apple shape.  Not sure if this applies to you, here are some characteristics:

  • You have the appearance of being round, slightly wide around the waistline 
  • Your waistline lacks or has no waist definition 
  • Your hips and butt might be wide and full along with your waist 
  • Your silhouette is round 
  • Bust, waist and hips are very close in measurements 
  • You probably have great legs
  • You hips many be narrow (like an inverted triangle) but you have a fuller waist
  • You may have slim arms

If this is you, here are some tips for how to dress for your shape:

  • Wear structures clothes, this can help to hide the extra weight you could have around your waist
  • Wear clothes that skim past your waist, like tunics or that hit above your waist like empire tops and dresses. Wrap dresses are great on you too.
  • Adding a blazer or jacket with help to camouflage your waist and give the appearance of more waist definition
  • Stear clear or cotton and jersey materials that could cling and make you look bigger than you are-woven fabrics are great on you!
  • Wear v-necks, this can help give the appearance of a more defined waist
  • Wear skirts and dresses that have details around the bottom, this draws attention away from your waist and onto your great legs.
  • Wear tops with details around the sleeve, this can accentuate your pretty arms.
  • Wear flare or boot cut jeans to help even out your silhouette 
With these tips in mind I created a fun weekend look.  I chose a utility vest that cinches at the waist, this will help give the illusion of a more defined waist.  I also chose a great structured shirt and a pair of straight leg jeans.  To accessorize I picked a great booties, a bracelet and dangling earrings to draw attention up.
Weekend Wear-apple

Using the tips above I created a great work look too. I chose a great straight leg trouser, structured button down and v-neck blazer that will help give the to camouflage an apple shape's waist.  I picked a great statement necklace to draw attention up and a fun bracelet and earrings too.

Work Wear-apple

Lastly, I created a great date night look.  I found a great wrap dress with an empire waist and a fun color-blocked detail around the bottom too.  I picked a sharp blazer to help give the appearance of more of a defined waist and a great heel to show off an apple's great legs.   I also found the perfect statement necklace to draw attention up and a fun bracelet and earrings too.
Date Night-apple

Here's a handy collage with tips for you too:

Tomorrow I'm going to share a wrap-up post with you all over all the different body types.  Make sure to come back by!


  1. I keep trying to figure which shape I am :-) I really don't seem to fit just one. Guess that means I can wear anything and everything right??!!


  2. Great outfits! I especially love the date night one with those amazing heels!

  3. Love these outfits, they seem like they would be flattering on lots of different shapes.

  4. I think all these 3 Outfits would be great in all shapes. The structure and elegance a blazer adds, is always nice. =) Great series again.

  5. once again, great tips! i love the outfits you picked!

  6. obsessing over all these picks! Btw, I love your name!
    Kristin xx