My New Favorite Outfit: Tips for Styling an Hourglass Shape

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tips for Styling an Hourglass Shape

I'm excited to be starting a series, which I'll post each Tuesday on dressing for your body type.  Today I'll be sharing tips for dressing an hourglass figure, and the beautiful Michelle who blogs about life at from the bleachers... has volunteered to help me out.  We're actually from the same small town, but went to different schools, so we didn't know each other.  She found my blog though another and has been such a great supporter blogging friend since then.  She's pretty stylish on her own, but I'm excited to create some outfits for her today. When creating this post I found some great tips on The Chic Fashionista, let credit be given when it is due : )

If you're not sure if you fit this body type, here are some characteristics:
  • Your bust and shoulders are at the same width as your hips
  • You have a defined waist
  • When gaining weight, you gain it equally throughout your body
  • Your waist is 8" to 12" smaller than your hip or bust measurement
  • Your figure resembles a coke bottle. 

If you also have an hourglass figure, your clothing options are nearly limitless, as an hourglass figure can look good in almost anything!

With your waist being defined drawing attention to it, if you're comfortable, will help accentuate your figure.
Some ways to do this are:
  • Wear a belt around the narrowest part of your waist, either on a dress or over a shirt and cardigan
  • Wear a skirt with volume, however with your figure a-line and pencil look great on you too
  • Wear v-neck tops that draw attention to your defined waist
Sometime you might feel your curves need to be down-played, especially in a professional setting.  Some ways to do this are:
  • Wear a monochromatic look
  • Wear straight leg and boot-cut jeans or slacks
  • Wear heels, they elongate your legs
  • Wear tops that extend below your hip-bone
Keeping these tips in mind, I created a work look for Michelle and other women with an hourglass figure too .  Michelle is a physical therapist and needs to wear clothes that allow her to move freely.  She is a fan of pants for work for this reason, and loves layering sweaters with button-ups.  Because of her hourglass figure, wearing this combo is very flattering and shows off her defined waist.  I picked a great bright colored sweater and layered it with a coordinating button-down.  I picked a great navy ankle pant with heels in the same color, which help elongate her legs.  I added a statement necklace to help make the outfit feel a little special, simple earrings, and one bold bracelet as apposed to a bunch that would get in the way of her being able to do her job.  

Wear Wear-hourglass

Michelle is very busy on the weekends with her family and loves outfits with scarves, boots, and skinny jeans.  Because of her hourglass figure, skinny jeans are flattering on her, with or without boots.  I created an outfit for her that fits her style and will look great on her too, as well as you other girls with an hourglass figure. I actually feel this look also works well for rectangles like me where adding the layer of the cardigan helps define your waist.

Weekend Wear- hourglass

Lastly I created a date night look for Michelle. She loves blazers but doesn't wear them to work, due to her need to move freely, so she loves to wear them for date nights and on the weekend.  She also loves to dress up jeans, me too!  Keeping the tips in mind for dressing for her hourglass figure, I created a date night look for her as well as you other hour glass figures.  Soft fabrics help accentuate your figure, so picked a great v-neck colbalt tee to pair with this blazer.  I also added a straight leg jean and heels too.  Layering necklaces is one of my favorite things and I find it works great with v-neck shirts, I added a simple short gold arrow necklace then a long gold one. I finished off the look with a couple of fun bracelet and a simple black clutch.

Date Night- Hourglass

I also made a handy image for you to pin here too. : )

I've had so much fun creating this post, and a big thanks to Michelle for being such a willing participant.  Next week I'm going to share tips on how to style a pear shape.  I'm still looking for participants for an apple shape.  If that's you, I'd love to create some outfits for you.  Email me here.

Also, not sure of your shape?  Check out this post for specific characteristics for each shape.

One last thing, I loved seeing everyone's Style Swaps last Friday! I'd love to have you all join me this Friday, details on how to link up here


  1. Its very important to dress for your body type, great tips. Love the third look so much!


  2. Love, love, love all these looks!!

  3. I like that you are adding characteristics of the body type because I have no clue which body type I am! You've created some great outfits, I can't decide which I like best! Very cute!

  4. fantastic tips! i think it is so important that you dress for your body shape! love it!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  5. I love the weekend outfit so much I may have to recreate it!

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  6. What a great feature Ginny! All three outfits are something I would definitely wear. What about tips on styling a "boyish" figure? I have no hips, butt or boobs so I am always looking for tips on how to give the illusion of looking more hourglass.

  7. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I always used to be more of a boy shape and then one day I had hips! I definitely think I'm much more of an hourglass now. I absolutely love that date night look!

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  9. Great tips!! I'm excited about this new series.


  10. This is great! I think I'm an apple shape. I kept seeing your request and meaning to reply to it. Do you still need one? I can try to get you a picture of me in all black later this week sometime.

  11. this is definitely my shape!!! i usually have trouble finding pants that fit my waist and hips!! she is darling!

  12. These are really great outfits! I'm looking forwards to tips for pear shapes next week, since that is definitely me!

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  14. Gosh, I am related to a super model! ;) Love it! Go Wahoo!!!!

  15. Belts are my best friend! Everyone thinks that having an hourglass body means you look like frigging Sofia V. but you don't always. These are really helpful tips!

  16. I like how you explained what this body type is like
    Sometimes it's hard to know
    Cute looks

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  18. Love this series and so excited to see its inauguration! I have found this whole dressing for your body shape thing very confusing but you lay it out so clearly. Looking forward to your tips for pear :)

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