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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How I Thrift

Back in the fall I did a post on tips for thrifting here, but thought it would be fun to re-visit the topic.  I thought I'd share some favorite finds and what works for me when I'm out searching for deals. These three tips are most important to me.
  • Fit is key, and I only buy if the fit is perfect on me.  When thrifting don't think about the size or brand, think about fit.
  • Great quality is also at the top of my list.  I don't buy pieces that show signs of wear, if it doesn't look new, don't buy it.
  • I find pieces that are on trend AND my style.  I always think about what hot now when shopping and steer clear of getting excited over the brand that shows up at the thrift store.
It might sound silly, but I think about what to wear while thrifting.  I like to wear "easy" clothes like plain shirts with a tank underneath and basic bottoms.  When thrifting you can end up trying on some pretty unique clothes, but when you pair it with a basic top or bottoms it's easier to help translate it into a really outfit.  I also wear easy shoes, so I can try to steer clear of having to be barefoot.  Gross.

Be a visionary!  Think about what you have at home that would go with the items you're trying on; think about how you'd style it.  Thrifting is so different than going into a department store and being able to buy a whole matching outfit easily.  The outfit below is the only time I can remember getting the items at the same time and having them actually "go" together.

top (Loft) and skirt (Old Navy) both thrifted

When I'm out shopping the store I pick up about anything I think is cute to try on.  I don't think too much about size, because everything can fit so differently.  I usually don't have a lot of luck with cotton tops, as they pill easily, but knits and woven fabrics usually wear well.  I also don't look at everything.  I stick to looking for great colors, prints, and textures

Once in the fitting room I re-assess what I picked up and discard before even beginning to try things on.  Below are two things that didn't make the initial cut while I was recently thrifting.   Both were pretty worn with a lot of pilling. No matter the top was Loft and the coat Guess, if it's worn out don't waste your time.

New with tags???? This always gets me excited, but fit is key. Recently I found a white, linen mini-skirt that was Juicy Couture with the tags still on.  Problem: I am not a 13 year old girl.  Pass. I also found a new Loft sweater, but it was way too big on me. Pass again.  Remember what I said, fit is key, if you don't like the fit, it doesn't matter if it has the tags on it. This skirt below was new with tags from the Limited and fit great, definitely worth buying!

Top (Apt. 9) and skirt (The Limited) both thrifted

Hmmm, maybe.  That's what I thought when I recently saw a romper on the rack.  I'd never tried on a romper, so I thought "what the heck?"  Verdict:  it fit nicely, but it's so not me.  It's great to find on trend item's while thrifting, but don't try to be someone other than yourself.  My husband wouldn't have left the house with me if I was wearing that romper.  Pass. These white jeans and this print top on the other hand, so on trend and fit perfectly.  Awesome finds!

top (Kohl's) and jeans (CAbi) both thrifted

Sometimes I come across items that fit pretty well, don't show signs of wear, and are cute, but I still don't buy them.  Why, you ask?  I don't need them. If an item is too similar to something else I have I really don't need two.  Even if it's a really good deal, don't just buy something to buy it. This cardigan below and red shorts were great additions to my closet.  Both were unlike other things I owned and fit my criteria for buying: cute, fit, and on trend.

cardigan (Jones New York) and shorts (Loft) both thrifted

I hope these tips helped all of you who love a deal and love to thrift.  What tips do you have to share for finding great thrifted items?

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  1. You are the Thrifting Queen in your Town, maybe State. It always amazes me what you find. When I shop in the States this Summer and Fall, I will definitely find a Good Will. Blogging has opened my eyes to thrifting. Thanks for all your tips & tricks. Loving that Collage, by the way. What program did you use for that?

    EMail me. Thanks.

  2. Great tips, Ginny, thanks for sharing! Next I just need to be more regular about doing it, like you are. I only go every once in a while and get frustrated when all there seems to be is oversized, worn-out items. But if I went more frequently I might get a bit more lucky from time to time.

  3. you are a thrifting pro!! and find the best stuff!!

  4. You're a thrift pro! I have never actually been before, but maybe I will have to give it a try. xx

  5. Thank you for the tips! I really love to thrift, I just have to be in the mood and want enough time to really look.

  6. Great tips for thrifting Ginny. I never luck out when I go, but i also don't go that often.


  7. These are great tips! I am trying to be a better thrifter and sometimes it is hard to remember even if the item is cheap, you still need to picky!

  8. adore these tips! i always love a good thrift hunt! our goodwill is having 50% off this use these tips to hunt out some goodies :)

    XO Meghan

  9. You're amazing at thrifting! Thanks for the tips!

    The Tiny Heart

  10. You find some amazing things! I'm seriously impressed. My trips to thrift shops always come up empty. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. I might have to start trying consignment instead. Your patriotic look is perfect!

  11. Love all your looks <3 Very fresh & chic!!

    Latest look:

  12. This is super helpful! Most of the thrift stores near me now are not worth even going to- no name brands, dirty clothes, etc. BUT I'm moving soon to a bigger city and hope I will have better luck!

  13. That coat in 3rd picture from the top is GORGEOUS! Did you buy it?!

  14. Yay! Awesome tips, Ginny! You really do luck out often - I'm always so impressed with your thrifting abilities :)

  15. Wow... You're a thrifting wizard! There isn't any good thrift shopping near me but there is an AWESOME Goodwill near my mom so I hit it up whenever I visit. I love all these outfits!

  16. Love these tips. I'm terrible at thrifting... I think partially because I don't have enough patience. I need to work on it, though!

  17. Fit is king is my one hard fast fashion rule!

  18. You are so beautiful!! You have amazing style! I love him! :)

    Visit my blog

  19. Great tips, I can't wait to go thrifting again!

  20. I love thrifting!! (charity shopping in UK...)
    I do exactly the same as you, it's great to find someone with similar tactics!

    I also love to try carboot sales, most of the time they're in better condition than in the charity shops! x

    Would be great if you could follow me!

  21. great tip and very encouraging especially on how great you look from your thrifting finds

    Delightful Ideas
    No Bake Cake Pops Giveaway

  22. Great tips! I like that you mentioned not buying just for the sake of buying. This can become an issue when things are so cheap and then they just end up cluttering your closet. I think it also would help the live where you live. ;) Lol. Kidding! There are no decent thrift shops near me. I have had some success in Los Angeles.

    Style of One's Own

  23. Wow I love all of these outfits!!! So cute for summer and very you and fit you perfectly!! Everything looks amazing on you! I need to thrift more often! :)

  24. This was such a helpful post! I haven't really thrifted much, but your tips have encouraged me to give it a try!

  25. I have never had much luck with thrifting but wow you have the gift! My favorite is the yellow blouse. Love that one!

  26. I am the worst thrifter in the universe
    I think I just don't have the patience for it
    You have a great eye, keep up the good work

  27. Yes - awesome tips! I must learn your ways!

  28. Ginny!!! Thank you so much for sharing these tips! I will definitely keep them in mind! I have never been thrift shopping.....I'm kind of intimidated! I wish you lived in CA, so I could take you with me:)! Anyways, have a very happy and safe 4th:))!

  29. This is such an informative post. I don't know anything about this before. I always admire bloggers are great at thrifting.

  30. These are great tips! I just feel like there are never cute things at my local Goodwill...send you thrifty vibes my way!! :-)

  31. What great tips!!! You definitely inspire me to go thrifting more!