My New Favorite Outfit: Insta-Outfits

Saturday, March 1, 2014


 Instagram is so much fun!  I thought I'd share some outfits this month:

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Fall is nearly here, and if you're anything like me you've been on Pinterest looking for inspiration.   I'd like to make it easy for you.  I've creating 20 fall and winter looks for outfit inspiration I'd love to share with you.  Simply sign up for my mailing list below and the link to the outfits will be shared with you.  

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  1. I seriously loved all of your Instagram stuff. Okay, let's get real: I love your blog stuff, Instagram stuff, and stuff. Had I not just finally pulled the trigger on these that I've pined over on Pinterest for forever: , then your link to the sailboat shirt would've persuaded me. (I was very excited to get 20% off those shoes, by the way.)

    I just scrolled through these pictures about three more times and realized how much I love your splashes of color, shoe choices, and general sense of style.

  2. So much gorgeous layering going on! You have a gift I tell ya!

    I've tried a few vests and ended up selling them. I really need to find a cargo vest and a herringbone vest. Hopefully those can help me layer, even though it's way too warm here for the kind of thing.

  3. I love how much fun you have with prints and colors with your layered winter looks.

  4. I love this! Your layering is awesome. - J

  5. So many vests! But I can't blame you, I added three vests to my closet in 2013 and I'd love to get one or two more this season :)

  6. I love the outfit with the J.Crew vest, striped shirt and chambray button up. Your style is right up my alley!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  7. I love all these, plus that jcrew vest can't go wrong with anything! Love it!

  8. Gotta love a good vest. You have some serious layering skills, these outfits are adorable! My favorites? Fair Isle and cargo vest, bow cardigan with chambray and dress, and herringbone vest with chambray and stripes :)

  9. I've been following you on Pinterest for a while, and I must say, I'm obsessed with your outfits! You put together some great layers, especially ALL of these!!!


  10. Oh my goodness...I am also so over buying winter clothes and just can't purchase spring items yet. I guess the money I saved this month will go towards new items this month! It HAS to warm up soon...

  11. You are a vest layering pro! these are all so cute!
    Chic on the Cheap

  12. You have the cutest outfits!!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  13. I love how you photograph your outfits! I want to start doing that. Its a fun way to keep track of cute outfits!

    Style Diary

  14. Love all your instagram outfits!! Thanks for the ideas/inspiration!

  15. Where did you get the herringbone vest without the black outline on the pockets? I only see them with the pocket outline and I like the clean look instead
    Love these looks : )