My New Favorite Outfit: Cobalt and White

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cobalt and White

Random Thoughts Right Now:

1. I declare Colby jack Cheese-its with raisins a most delicious snack!

2.  I don't understand the GOMI forums.  I just recently learned of them and not to offend anyone who reads them, but if you don't like a blog, just don't read it.  Why take the time to trash it? Just my thoughts.

3.  This weather is driving me crazy, people.  I just. want. spring.

4. Speaking of weather, it's been crazy windy here!  Because of that it's been nearly impossible to take pictures without my hair looking super crazy.  Not a fan.

4.  I've become such a bargin hunter that it's hard for me pay even the sale price in stores.  I really want a white blazer and keep crossing my fingers in Goodwill, but I know I just need to realize it's ok to spend more on essentials I know I'll keep around.  

5. Link up parties: these can be great! I love finding different new and fun blogs.  What I don't understand is taking the time to comment (thoughtfully) on a bunch of blogs and them not taking the time to stop by my blog too?  Maybe I'm crazy, but if someone takes the time to write a nice compliment to me on my blog, it seems only natural to stop by their blog and say hi too???

Now to my outfit: Sometimes I feel like I try to over complicate outfits, I feel like this outfit is the exact opposite of that, and I like that. An easy sweater with a simple skirt, add in a mullet tuck and I'm ready for school. Sometimes I'll think of an outfit in my head and when I put it on it's one of those "What was I thinking moments." This, I'm glad has worked out. I'm excited to see what else I can do with this skirt; I think a white skirt is an essential for one's wardrobe.

Sweater: The Limited $8
Skirt: Kohl's $5 (Plato's Closet)
Belt: The Limited $10
Shoes: Nine West $30
Necklace: c/o Just Jewelry

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  1. i am SOOO ready for spring! today is supposed to be nice and then cold again! and I agree - I try hard to comment back and those that visit my blog!

  2. I love that you called this a mullet tuck! :) That blue looks great paired with your white skirt...definitely makes me think of spring!

    Jess - J's Style

  3. love the fem details on this skirt! so pretty!

    XO Meghan

  4. I'd never heard of GOMI. People who complain for the sake of complaining drive me crazy. I love the skirt!

  5. That skirt is so fun, you look great! And yes, the wind is evil!

  6. What a pretty skirt! It's been crazy windy lately here too which is making it feel cold again. Come back, spring!

    The Tiny Heart
    $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

  7. You look gorgeous in blue! Mmmmmmm colby jack cheez-its. I really like the spicy cheez-its too :)

    And don't even get me started on GOMI...

  8. I love simple outfits and i totally agree if you don't like a blog then don't read it. I won't be checking out GOMI. I don't need that negativity in my life. Love your skirt and sweater. Great, simple outfit.

    Check out my blog for a stella & dot giveaway and join me this Thursday April 25 for my link up.


  9. OK I normally do not critique your outfits because I love them & OI even feature you almost Weekly in my Blog on Sundays but I am not a fan of this one. The Color combination is great but the two pieces together do not work since the sweater is so loose and the skirt has so much volume. They make you look bigger. I think this Gorgeous Eyelet Skirt would look beautiful with a Blouse tucked in. I would try it with a Coral Top or with that awesome Mint Button-Down you have (tuck it in & belt it).

    Speaking of Outfits of yours that I love, I featured your Favorite Outfit from last week in my blog, today. And I cannot wait to see what you wear for my Blog Birthday Party, Ginny.

    I agree about the link-ups. They are great but if I take my precious time (even more precious now that I have a baby) to stop by your blog, comment, follow you & even more feature you on my blog on Sundays then the least you can do is stop by & say hello. It is the right courtesy & being polite.

    As far as Winds, from yesterday & today we have had crazy winds here. The weather is back to being cold & having to wear a thick Blazer, Jacket or Light Coat! =(

    Enjoy Your Week!!

  10. You look so great! I have never heard of a GOMI forum, but honestly, the less I know about the hateful side of blogging, the better. People are always going to be cruel.

  11. I meant to say GOMI sounds horrible. I have heard about it but never actually checked it out. I hope my comment above wasn't unpleasant. It is not in my nature at all. I always love to give & receive constructive criticism. It is only my opinion anyway, seems everyone else liked the outfit. You are welcome about the feature. =)

  12. The wind is driving me more crazy than anything! My hair keeps getting stuck in my lipgloss! It's annoying!

  13. I love cobalt and white together! This is a great look! =)

    Avec Amber

  14. Um, gorgeous skirt. LOVE it. I've been looking for a pretty skirt like that for a while. Man - don't you love Plato's Closet?! Such good finds.

  15. First - you look adorable, as usual. :-) Second - I know JUST what you mean about link up parties! I don't get it when I comment on others' blogs and they don't come comment on mine. Isn't that the point of the linkup? I guess a lot of people only want the linkup to bring traffic to their blogs and don't care to comment on others' blogs.

  16. This outfit is cute, blue is definitely your color. (And a mullet tuck is my favorite haha!) I've heard of GOMI but refuse to even go near it, I hate that sort of negativity and I can't stand hearing/seeing people being rude to each other.

  17. cute outfit. Love the blue with the white!
    And colby jack cheese with raisins?! I need to try that!

  18. I love your white skirt, and the combination with cobalt is really pretty. Makes me want to pair my cobalt cardigan with my white lace dress. :)

  19. Love the sweet layers in that skirt - such a fun romantic vibe!

    Pearls & Paws

  20. You are already looking so Spring fresh convinced me to try out that lovely color combo!!!!


  21. Hi Ginny! Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog:)! Regarding your random thoughts: 1) I love colby jack cheese yummy! 2) I discovered GOMI a few months ago and I agree with you completely. My skin is not thick enough for that kind of criticism. 3) Hope the wind stops and the weather warms up! 4) I need to take you bargain hunting with me b/c I suck at that stuff. 5) Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I never thought of it that way, but you are right! It's kinda the same with guest posting....I'm guest posting on another person's blog and they comment on the post on that blog, but don't click over to say it's kinda the same thing.

    1. Oops forgot to mention the outfit! Love the blue sweater with the eyelet skirt! That skirt is so pretty:)!

  22. Okay, that skirt is pretty irresistibly charming!

  23. Hehe, I want the sun too! Gorgeous outfit! Love the blue jumper and skirt


  24. First of all, you look stunning in blue, seriously. You have the best coloring for bright colors!! Second of all, I'm with you on GOMI. I've been on the forums before (but never ever posted) to see what is said, and honestly, it makes me so angry. I don't understand how people can be so rude to others. The veil of anonymity provided by the internet is scary. People feel that by posting "anonymously" or with a "screen name" or whatever, they can say whatever the heck they want, and it's disgusting. Third, I'm with you on link ups. If people comment on my blog, I always try to check out their blog and leave a comment. Link ups are a little harder for me, because I'm insanely busy with school wrapping up right now and don't have tons of time to visit all the blogs and write thoughtful comments (I only write comments if I feel like I'm contributing to the conversation). I'm trying to curate the list of blogs I follow regularly to keep it more manageable. I get really overwhelmed when my reader says I have 100+ new posts to read every day. Maybe when I'm done with grad school, I'll have a little more time to explore and promote my blog more, but for now, the small but engaged readership I have is perfect for me!! :)

  25. I'm terrified of what people might say about me on GOMI...oh gosh.

    I agree with you about the linking up thing. While I am guilty of this sometimes, the purpose of link ups and blog hops has become more of a "link up and hope people stop by" kind of thing instead of a community building tool. It amazes me some days that people link up to five different link-ups at once! I can't even keep track of them all--and I rarely do them because of that. I also don't understand those MASS $$ giveaways that only exist to inflate traffic and fake GFC followers. I want all of my friends and "readers" to be genuinely earned, not because of some kind of gigantic pile of money they might receive if they "like" or "follow" me...there have been a ton of those lately!

    Side note: You have been ON IT lately with your outfits! I super love this one (and the past couple weeks in general!). I'm terrible about commenting on other people's blogs (mea culpa!)--so I should've told you before now! You're adorable!

    PS: sorry that I wrote you a novel of a blog comment.