My New Favorite Outfit: Save vs. Splurge: Target and J.Crew Addition

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Save vs. Splurge: Target and J.Crew Addition

As you all know, price is something that is important to me, and as I was putting together my wishlist for this fall, the pieces below made it onto my list.  Now, I get emails from J.Crew daily, but just can't justify a lot of the prices of things at J.Crew.  That's where Target comes in, specifically Merona at Target.  For the price, I feel the quality is great and below I've put together a side-by-side look at some pieces on my wishlist at both Target and J.Crew.  At the top of my list is the sequin collar shirt from Target.  I'm seriously in love and it's only $22.  What's on your wishlist for the fall and where do you plan to shop for them?

Save vs. Splurge

Save: Leopard Flats / Splurge: Leopard Flats
Save: Navy Pencil Skirt / Splurge: Navy Pencil Skirt
Save: Striped Sweater / Splurge: Striped Sweater
Save: Striped Dress / Splurge: Striped Dress


  1. i just bought that red button up and gold sequin merona shirt! i love it....this is such a great post because we all love target :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. Jcrew is just sooooo expensive! I never shop there because you can always find similar stuff for reasonable prices elsewhere. Great post!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  3. I won a JCrew gift card and was so excited and went shopping but ended up only getting one item of clothing. The prices, way too high and the fit, not for my body type. I tried on so many things and they just didn't wok. That is why I always end up at Target and Old Navy.
    k at

  4. I saw that sequin collar Target shirt on another blogger and I was totally swooning over it! I just ordered a vest from Target that looks a lot like the JCrew herringbone one :)

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  5. I like to say that I have wine taste on a beer budget or maybe JCrew taste on a Target budget :) Love the sparkled collar top.

  6. Great picks! I really like that striped dress, but the Target by me didn't have it in my size. Target really did a great job with their fall clothes this year!

  7. I love J Crew but they are pricey. I do find their quality better than target but Target has a better price point. We finally have a Target here in Vancouver but I find they have very poor selection and i'm always worried about quality. I love the picks you found. I'll have to keep my eyes open for them next time i'm at Target.


  8. Great choices. I find J Crew to be too pricey for most of their stuff. Target is a great option as long as the quality is there. I love that sequin collar top, I don't think I saw that at my Target. Will have to check again.


  9. I love window shopping at J. Crew, but when it comes time to buy, I go Target every time. You're right, they have some decent quality dupes most of the time, and sometimes I even like those better! Like that striped dress. Darn this shopping ban haha.

  10. I like J.Crew but not enough to shell out big bucks for it. It is always over-priced in my opinion. In some of these cases, like with the Striped Dress & Plaid Shirt, I like Target's options better anyway. I might go pick up those 2 pieces myself. Thank you for this informative & interesting post. Many bloggers I know shop at J.Crew a lot. This post shows you that you don't have to pay a ton to look stylish and chic. Style doesn't have to cost a fortune.

    BTW, I do not have you as a follower on GFC anymore. At least I don't see you. Maybe something happened.

  11. This is totally for me. I cannot bring myself to spend $$ at J.Crew. Not even the Factory Store! And actually, from the pictures at least, I like most of the Target items better anyway!

  12. Oh wow, I never realized how similar some of the items were! It's always great when we can pinch pennies and still look fab!

  13. You are such an awesome blogger because you really do your homework and find similar styles for cheaper! I'm sure your husband appreciates that as well! ;) You always look more expensive than J.Crew too!
    Lauren from Modern Modesty

  14. This is great! Especially because with Target's new Cartwheel app they have lots of extra discounts on women's clothing that you can add on top of sale prices even.

  15. Both stores are so great in their own way! Great comparisons, thanks!

  16. The one thing that I can't wait for is the Gretna Outlet stores!! I think that a beautiful JCrew Factory store will be the best of both worlds! :)

  17. Wow, how cool that they have things that are so similar!!! :-)