My New Favorite Outfit: Animal Print and Thoughts on Shopping

Monday, October 27, 2014

Animal Print and Thoughts on Shopping

 You all have hear me talk about thredUp a number of times on here, and today I'm sharing probably my favorite find, this animal print dress from J.Crew, which has been on my wish list for quite some time.  I had a number of referral credits, so I was just glancing though the newest additions in my size and this dress popped up, just as quickly it went into my cart.  I love the shift style and the neckline too.  I wore it for the first time to church yesterday with this blazer and pumps, and going to wear it to school again this week.  Today I'm at a conference, hopefully not being bored to death.... Next, I think I'll pair it with my denim jacket, tights, and booties.

Have you joined thredUp yet?  If not, sign up here and get $10 of your first order and I get $10 too. : )

I've been thinking a lot about the purchases I've been making for the last six months or so.  I feel like there has been a significant shift in how and what I buy.  For the past few years I've had the mentality of buying as much as I can with my budget each month.  The problem with that was that I ended up with a lot of things I didn't need, or things that didn't fit perfectly, just because the price was right.

Now, I couldn't tell you the last time I went to Target "to look" or a thrift store. Why?  Because I ended up with a bunch of stuff I didn't need.  Now, I buy a lot less, but I'm willing to spend a bit more to buy quality that fits right and will last.

For example, last year I hemmed at hawed about this cute animal print dress that was $30. I ended up settling for one I found at Goodwill for $5 (seen here).  The dress is really pretty, but the top really gaps on me and it probably needs to be tailored to fit right.  I have quite a few examples just like this.  Now, I'm still all about a deal, but only when it fills a hole in my wardrobe.

I feel like this blog has really shown an evolution of my style, plus how and what I shop for. My suggestion for you who might be in the same boat as I was in:

  1. Stop shopping when you'e bored, upset, exhausted, or if you just need some "me time." Instead treat yourself to a latte and book or magazine.  It's a lot less expensive and I bet you can find the same satisfying results without getting shopper's remorse.
  2. Make a list of holes in your closet, when shopping stick to the list.
  3. Some of you might disagree, but I now prefer shopping online. It helps me stick to my list, when I actually go shopping I have a tendency to browse (especially the sale rack), and I ended up with more than I need.
  4. If you have a budget, realize you don't have to spend it all.  I use cash, so it's easy to just save it, then if I do want to purchase something bigger, I have the money saved up.
  5. If you blog, it's a good idea to refrain from buying "for the blog." I've done this too because something was trending, or whatever.  I don't think this is ever the right reason to buy. Enough said.
What advise do you all have? I'm definitely not perfect, share your wisdom with me!

Blazer: H&M similar
Dress: JCrew (via thredUP) similar (on sale)
Necklace: Mariposa Medley c/o similar
 Bracelets: chloe + isabel c/o samesame 
Shoes: Nine West similar
Bag: Coach


  1. Great dress and the perfect fit Ginny!! I just ordered a Loft cape from Thred Up for $5!I am so excited to get it! I need to reign in my shopping too. Using a budget and writing down my purchases works best for me(: Susan

  2. I am glad you are wearing more animal-print these days. I love my snow leopard fit+flare dress I purchased this Summer for 6 bucks. Great shopping tips, also. Looking lovely this Monday. Ginny. =))

  3. Great tips and gorgeous dress! Glad you finally found the perfect one!

  4. Ginny-I must be on the same wave length as you. I am currently on day 5 of a 30 days of no shopping challenge and it has already helped me a lot. I plan on sharing my experience when it is done. I too have been thinking about acquiring more quality items, especially shoes and handbags that might take several months to save up to get just one piece. Thanks for sharing & I love your new dress.


  5. Great tips. I'm such a sale rack shopper...though with having kids and less time to shop, I've kind of strayed from this, and I've realized looking back that tons of "great" Goodwill finds just end up back in the donation pile. I just did a HUGE closet purge. Now I feel like I have nothing in there...though I do, and I want to be more selective in the things I add back in. Not quite a capsule wardrobe, but just having a list of things I actually NEED instead of just buying something because it's cute.

  6. I am such a boredom buyer! I will get an urge and just have to shop and wind up with a bunch f crud that was all on clearance... that don't fit exactly right, but it's ok I didn't spend too much.

  7. Omg, Ginny, this dress looks amazing on you! And the blazer makes it look professional and work appropriate. I agree, I believe in buying less and spending more on each item that you really like. Have a great week! ~Cynthia

  8. Love this dress on you! Your tips are right on. I'm guilty of going to Target over my lunch break and getting sucked into the sale rack or seeing something that just came out and buying it in multiple colors. The return policy is so good that I spend more when I should be more selective. I really need to clean out my closet. I bet I would find a lot of stuff I didn't even know I had:) Hope you're having a great day, Ginny!

  9. The print of this dress is amazing, I'm loving it on you!

  10. Great advice!! Only recently have I started to be more conscious about my purchases and buying to fit a need instead of just buying because I want something new. Love the dress on you, great find indeed!


  11. This dress fits you beautifully! So pretty! I have fallen in love with ThredUp thanks to you too. Since I started reading your blog I have begun putting together a much more quality/thoughtful wardrobe. So true what you said about mindless shopping out of boredom.. I had tons of shirts that I grabbed because "that's cute!" and wore only once, if that! Now I'm looking for higher quality pieces that can do double duty, layer or go from season to season. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  12. Love this dress and I couldn't agree more! Mindless shopping can equal money that doesn't need to be spent:) I love purchasing quality pieces and building on those! I seem to always grab the same items anyway!! Great Post!


  13. First, that dress is beautiful. It fits you so well. Definitely worth the credits spent! Second, all of those tips are very worthwhile. I also find that shopping online keeps me to my list. It's harder to leave a store without buying anything than leaving a website. I used to have so much more will power!

  14. I love this dress! What a great find! I agree with your tips, and I am definitely moving in that direction. Quality over quantity!

  15. This dress is too perfect! Thanks for the tips! I have been watching what I have been buying lately. I think about it before it goes in my cart.

  16. First of all I love this outfit so polished and chic, you look beautiful in it! Secondly I really love your shopping tips here, helpful and practical. I really need to work on #2! As soon as I've capped my shopping budget I will not go shopping at all because the temptation to spend is really hard. I have had the urge here and there to buy something for the blog & then realized this is just silly because I really won't get much use out of it. Hope you are having a great week:)

  17. Love your tips! And I've been so guilty of buying "for the blog" so I'm trying to curtail that ASAP! :)