My New Favorite Outfit: Imperfect

Monday, February 23, 2015


Recently I was out to dinner for book club with some friends and we were talking about how my husband wants to buy a boat and spend our weekends camping.  Everyone began to laugh at the thought of me in a tent. One girl said she pictured me sighing with my iPad in my lap and mosquito netting tented around me. 

Now, I love the lake, but unless there's a lake house involved I'm not going to be crazy about the experience. Tents, sleeping on the ground and no shower just don't sound like a good time to me. I'm aware how prissy this makes me seem. But just because I'm prissy doesn't mean I'm perfect. I'm very far from that actually. 

It's my imperfections that make me....well me. Today I thought I'd share some oddities about me that those of you who only know me via internet wouldn't know.  I think it's important to celebrate our uniqueness instead of pretending to be perfect.
  1. I swallow my gum. Yes, I know it's gross. I don't even realize I do it, all of a sudden it's just not in my mouth anymore.  I know for a fact it does not take seven years for your body to digest gum, because it that were the case my stomach wouldn't have any room for food.
  2. I drive a truck because my husband wanted a truck, but already has a work vehicle.  I am the worst at navigating that beast.  My biggest fear is trying to get my truck out of our school parking lot when it's full due to after school sporting events. The spots aren't diagonal, they are straight, which complicates things.  It takes me like forty-seven times of going forward and back before I actually am able to pull out and drive away. It's. So. Embarrassing. One time an old man waiting for my spot got out of his car and had to wave be back. I'm just so worried I'm going to hit the car behind me!
  3. I hate feet, not just mine, feet in general.  I even get pedicures during winter, just so I don't have to look at my own feet and be disgusted. 
  4. I have a fear of dishes being in the sink. Ever since I had an awful roommate in college who left her dishes in the sink to mold and the WORST the time a cockroach crawled out, I can't even let a cup sit in there.
So, spill the beans, what makes you imperfectly perfect?

Earlier this year I won a pair of shoes from DSW up to $60, it was the best! I ended up picked a pair of faux leather riding boots.  Although I really love them, they haven't worn well and I'd been kicking myself, wishing I'd chosen a pair of leather one's and paid the difference. Recently I started to look for sales, as I know stores are getting ready for spring and came across these  leather riding boots from Target.  I scored them for $30, but they're even cheaper now! I love them and they are super comfortable!  Hindsight is 20/20, but I'm so happy to have these and I know they'll last for years.

Vest: West Seal similar
Shirt: Merona similar
Necklace: Kendra Scott inspired same (real deal)
Jeans: Old Navy same
Bracelet: chloe + isabel  c/o same 
Watch: Wristology same c/o Get 25% off
Boots:Target same (on super sale!) 


  1. Oh gosh I have so many imperfections that I cant begin to name them all(: I am a crazy clean freak, I hate changing my routine, and I tend to lost all sense of my Christian self when someone hurts my daughter. I am learning to live with my imperfections as I get older, but still work on improving them. I think you are simply perfect the way you are(: And I need a military vest!! Susan

  2. I have such a fear of a snake being in the toilet. I used to think I was crazy until I researched it and realized that PLENTY of snakes have been in toilets!

  3. I will restart my dryer several times before I fold cold wrinkly laundry, SEVERAL! I'm terrible at finishing drinks, I am famous for leaving a few sips in cups on the table or on the counter. I wish I had more patience, sometimes it's pretty awful! Love the sweater today!

  4. Fun facts about you! I took the step into real leather riding boots last year, and I'm so glad I did!

  5. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. It's perfectly fine. We're all humans =)

  6. As a kid I use to swallow gum but I wouldn't be able to now haha. I hate feet too, they scare me!

    Beautiful outfit, that vest is just lovely! & the print of your sweater is so nice :D