My New Favorite Outfit: Shake It Off

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shake It Off

Recently I had situation where I was both frustrated and disappointed by a situation at work, and I let it get to me. I had to go into class and teach my kids, it wasn't optional.  Let me tell you, my attitude was definitely not right. I love my kids, but I wasn't even able crack a smile when a student asked if they could call me Mrs. Awesome. (7th graders truly are the best!)

I hate it when I get like that, when I let the actions of others impact my attitude. After All, I can only control myself...even then I don't always do the best job. Then the wise words of the prophetic Taylor Swift came to me "Shake it off." 

It can be so easy to let let the things we can't control take control of us, and to let the hurt others have caused cause us to then hurt others.  I got real with my students and said I was in a bad mood, and it wasn't because of anything they did. I then made the choice to "shake it off," forgive, and move on.  See, it was all about the choice I made. I could have let the kids feel the wrath of my emotions and frustration, or I could let it go and not let those negative feelings control me. My students definitely shouldn't have been at the receiving end of frustration that had nothing to do with them. 

It makes me think about God's sovereignty towards us. We mess up everyday, but he is quick to forgive when we ask for it.  Psalm 103:12 says: "As for as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us." If God is able to forgive the awful things we do each day, how much more should I forgive others? 

God definitely doesn't treat us differently or love us any less based on our actions. He also doesn't take other's mistakes out on us either. I want to continue to work to move on from difficult situations, to forgive, and to be better today than I was yesterday. I hope you all can do the same.

On Valentine's Day Brian and I had the day to ourselves, which was great. Prior to going out to dinner we stopped by the mall, as Brian had a giftcard to Scheels and I had one to J.Crew.  I found this striped sweater on super sale and was pretty excited because my other one needed to be thrown away. Black and white stripes are so great, but it seems like I need to replace mine each year. I got the inspiration for this outfit from this pin and love how it came together.

Vest: J.Crew Factory (sold out)
Sweater: J.Crew same
Necklace: Mariposa Medley c/o
Pants: Target same
 Bracelet: chloe + isabel  c/o same 
Watch: Wristology same c/o Get 25% off
Boots: Born similar


  1. I really the stripes and checks together in this outfit! When I was younger, I used to let stuff get to me all the time. I'm pretty lucky now to have an off switch I can flip pretty quickly. Though of course I still have those days where I tell the kids that my patience might be a little shorter than others, while I try to shake all of it off.

  2. Thanks for the outfit idea today! I bought that vest thanks to you and I am having fun styling it!! Thanks for the great advice today too! Susan

  3. That outfit came together really well! Yes, we should all strive to be better everyday, to be like Him.

  4. Such a nice outfit! I really love that vest and your shoes :D

  5. 2015 is my year of not giving an eff and part of it is because of that song! Shake it offffff!

  6. Such a cute outfit, I love the stripes and check together!! I think we all let things we shouldn't such as other people's actions get to us sometimes so this is such a great message.

  7. I love the pattern mix in this outfit. I definitely need to shake it off some days. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Hate when I let things get to me as well. Always have to let it go, don't let it bother you.

  9. Forgiveness is so difficult and you're right, it's a choice we have to make and keep on making and eventually our feelings follow. Love your vest!

  10. Love your outfit and love what you said about "shaking it off." I couldn't have said it better myself.

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