My New Favorite Outfit: Building A Wardrobe: Jeans and Dress Pants

Monday, November 4, 2013

Building A Wardrobe: Jeans and Dress Pants

I'm excited to be continuing my Building a Wardrobe series with you today! One the first day of the series I shared Essential Blazers and Jackets, one day two I shared Essential Cardigans, and on day three I shared Essential Skirts. and today I'll be sharing essential jeans and dress pants with you. Here are my thoughts on essential jeans and dress pants:
  • I think it is essential to have good pair of skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and black, gray, and tan dress pants. I realized today that these are much more essentials for fall and winter, for spring and summer I'd definitely add white jeans.
  • Although skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans are kind of a trend right now, they are definitely to key to making a casual look look great.  I also love the trend of cuffing skinny jeans to show your ankle; I think this is much more flattering then wearing them long.  I also love wearing skinny jeans with boots for the sleekest, most put together look.
  • With dress pants, black, gray, and tan will be the most versatile.  Now, when I say tan, I don't mean khakis.  I'm a teacher, so I still see these everywhere, but I don't suggest spending money on them right now, as they are seeming dated at this point (we'll see when they come back, I'm sure they will).
  • As for dress pants and jeans, fit is key. I'm not going to lie, I think finding great jeans and pants is pretty difficult. I also don't think buying because the price is right is the right way to tackle purchasing pants.  In the past I tended to focus on if pants fit my waist and I stopped there.  I didn't check how it fit in the thighs or check out the pants/jeans from the back either.  Bad idea.  This summer I took the time to try on all my jeans and pants and check them out from every angle.  They all fit in the waist, but if the thighs were too baggy it made me look much bigger than I was, and if the back didn't fit right, I looked very...well saggy.  I kid you not, I got rid of nearly a dozen pair of pants and jeans.
  • I'm the most happy with a style I found at The Limited, they were not cheap (about $45 a piece) but the fit is perfection and I know the classic feel will mean I can wear them for years to come.
Now that I've shared my essentials thoughts on jeans and pants, here are some additional options to consider:
  • I suggest investing in one pair of colored jeans, I love red. 
  •  I also think a good pair of boot cut is a great go-to option for the weekend, I wear mine a lot for errands.
  • I also love trouser jeans and depending on where you work, you might be able to wear them at work too.  The fact that they have the structure of dress pants makes them dressier and can give a casual outfit a more polished look.
  • I'm also seeing a lot of black denim now and I love it. They haven't been cool since the early 90s, but they're back!

Building A Wardrobe-jeans

Today I'm wearing black skinny pants, which I wear like crazy, they are great with a boot, heel or flat; a must have for every closet!

On Valentine's Day Brian and I had the day to ourselves, which was great. Prior to going out to dinner we stopped by the mall, as Brian had a giftcard to Scheels and I had one to J.Crew.  I found this striped sweater on super sale and was pretty excited because my other one needed to be thrown away. Black and white stripes are so great, but it seems like I need to replace mine each year. I got the inspiration for this outfit from this pin and love how it came together.

Vest: J.Crew Factory (sold out)
Sweater: J.Crew same
Necklace: Mariposa Medley c/o
Pants: Target same
 Bracelet: chloe + isabel  c/o same 
Watch: Wristology same c/o Get 25% off
Boots: Born similar


  1. I have been searching for a great pair of skinny jeans forever! I bought a pair at Maurices last year and I am hating them this season! They just don't look or feel right. I am over 40 so I have to be careful not to buy something that looks like it is for my daughter, but I don't want to look like I am an old lady either!! It is quite the balancing act! I am going to try the Loft skinnies you listed. I love the fit of Loft pants so I hope they work! Thanks! Susan

  2. Dress pants are the hardest for me by far! Right now I am in between sizes due to working out so they are either hanging off me or too tight. I definitely agree with you about investing in a fun pair of colored denim too!

  3. I need to confess that I have never owned jeans that were any color but blue. I just hate trying on jeans because I get depressed about the size or fit. Then it's so much work to try on like 10 pairs of regular blue jeans that by the time I think of colored ones I just want to go get a pretzel!

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  5. I wear my black jeans all the time! I love how you dressed yours up with a blazer and heels!

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  6. (Sorry for the double post here!) Anyway, you've done a really great job with this series & post. Great, classic selections on the pants and jeans, plus I love your graphic. :)

    On the Daily Express

  7. Great post! I'm definitely lacking in the dress pants department. I can't find black pants! I have looked for years... well, not super hard, but I've still looked. I thought I scored a pair a few years ago and they were perfect but I lost more baby weight and then they were too big.


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  8. I am loving this series. Great idea to do the essentials and then some fun, trendy options!

  9. Love this series you are doing Ginny. I totally agree about getting some essentials and then building on them. I love my skinny jeans. I basically live in them all Winter.


  10. I love black jeans! I am wearing an old pair today but definitely want a new pair and I love the ones your wearing, going to have to check Old Navy out! Loving your outfit by the way, looks great.


  11. I really need to find pants that fit me. I love the look and versatility of them, just hate the way they look on me. I'll be on the hunt!


  12. I'm still in need of a good boyfriend jean. I love the way you style yours! I got a great pair of black jeans last spring, but I need to pull them out more often. Yours are perfect with the polka dot top and cobalt blazer!

  13. I keep going back and forth on the idea of dress pants. It seems like something I should at least have 1 pair of, but I don't miss them, and in the past, I haven't worn the ones I had. I desperately need a new pair of regular colored denim skinnies. Mine are a couple years old from Old Navy and looking pretty bad. I wish Limited had their 678 style in a normal color right now!

  14. I love those jeans on you! I'm so glad you got them, and now I really want to wear mine with my blazer! I'm a huge fan of black denim, you're right, it makes denim look so much dressier.

  15. I love that blue blazer and the black jeans! And I agree, fit is so important and it can be tough to find a great fit! When I find a pair of jeans I love, I end up buying 2 or 3 pairs in different colors so I have a choice!

  16. I can't agree more! Fit is key! At 5'3", 125, hourglass figure and 45 but stylish its hard to get the fit right. My waist is very small but my issue is thighs. After MUCH trial and error I have found that skinny jeans, cropped pants and boyfriend jeans are not for me. I love them on other though. Curvy Fit trousers from AT and Lucky boot cut jeans are best on me. I like navy and dk grey slacks. I would love to find a great pair of red jeans!

  17. I definitely need a pair of classic black pants. I love the ones you're wearing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. Such an inspirational post! I enjoyed reading it :) I love your blog, too!
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  19. You know I love jeans/pants but it is SO hard to find pairs that fit perfectly. I've been having a hard time finding dress pants that aren't skinny fit that flatter my shape. It's a good thing that skinny fit is still so popular or I might be in trouble! I love your black jeans, they look great with the bright blazer.

  20. LOFT is my go-to for work pants, but I do need a new favorite jean place!

  21. Totally agree--pants are definitely worth paying a little extra for a good fit! I have found that my go-to pants are Banana Republic's Martin Fit pants--they're pricey, but I wear them all the time and they fit perfectly.

  22. After wearing colored jeans in the 90s, I never thought I would do that again but I do love my many pairs of colors jeans now (all of them from Loft). I could write a book on dress pants as that is what I wear to work everyday. Love Gap perfect pant style. I have every color/pattern ever made! :)

  23. I have been working on expanding my pants wardrobe, I'd definitely love a new pair of trouser jeans.
    Chic on the Cheap

  24. Love this outfit! And I'm so glad I have a blue blazer now so I can take some styling tips from you :)

  25. Uhhh I can't get enough of your blazers!! I definitely need more blazers!! They are sooo classy and sophisticated!