My New Favorite Outfit: 30x30 Recap:Day 1

Monday, February 4, 2013

30x30 Recap:Day 1

I did it, I did it, I'm done. Done. Done. Whew, that was more work than I thought it would be. Good work, but work.

Here they are, all of my looks together in one giant collage.  This has been a great month and I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with it and thinking outside the box, but inside my closet.  

(click on the picture to make it bigger)

Here are my favorites of all 30:

I was planning to pick three, but it was too hard. All of my favorites are outfits I didn't wear before, and these six actually encompass 21 of my 30 peices, which I think it's kind of cool.

Here are my least favorites:
What do these three have in common, other than the exact same pose, that is?  My two least favorite items, my pants and my polka dot top. I think all the outfits are ok, but they definitely not exciting enough to be blogable.
(please don't click on the picture to make it bigger, I'd like to forget these oufits)

I also thought it would be interesting to see how many times I wore each item, here's the college of all 30, and the number on top, is the number of times I wore the item this month.
(click on the image to make it bigger)

I'm really surprised about how much I wore a few things, like my blazer and black heels, and how few times I wore a few things, like my blue cardigan, purple lace top, and leopard print shoes.  I'm not surprised about the polka dot blouse, I do not like it an all. Although I love 29 of the 30 items I chose, I obviously felt like some were easier to remix than others.  

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to show re-styles of some of my favorite items from the month.  I'm excited to see the different ways I wore an item in one simple collage picture, and I can't wait to hear what some of your favorites from the month were.


  1. I LOVE THE FIRST AND THE LAST LOOKS!!!!!!!!! those are definitely my favorites... :) great post!!! Good luck for this month!!! Much Love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos) xoxo

  2. I really enjoyed the 30x30 posts, really hope you do it again!


    1. Thanks, Lauren, I'm thinking of dong it again this summer :)

  3. I love wardrobe analysis like this - you did a fabulous job of tracking and analyzing! I agree your vibrant skirts are really wonderful backbones of your closet. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Congrats on finishing the challenge! My favorite was look #3 :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  5. wow! you are amazing girl!! i dont think i could do it!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. YOU SURVIVED!!! CONGRATS!! I have one day left!!! :) Love your recap. I'm surprised at how little i repeated some things.


  7. I think you did an awesome job with your 30x30 remix challenge!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. CONGRATS GIRLY!!!! I enjoyed every post and outfit to say the least! And you have truly inspired me :) This was so awesome to read out and see everyday. And I look forward to another awesome challenge!!!

    Happy Monday!

    Redheaded Daybook

  9. Wow, so many amazing looks! Congrats lovely, and keep up the great work! Following you via GFC now :)

    Alexandra xo

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  10. Ah I love this post, all of the outfits are so fun! (Even you're personal dislikes ;) )

    I wanted you to know I nominated you for the Liebster Award,

    you can go to this post to see how it works:

    Hope you have fun with it!


  11. you did a really amazing job...i love all of your outfits, even your least favorites! great job!!

  12. Well done, look two of your favourites was my favourite and also your least favourite outfit was one of the ones I liked, I thought it looked cute. But if you are not feeling something then it isn't worth wearing I think.

    I have really enjoyed watching you do this challenge, given me some ideas :)

    Janine xx
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  13. I really like how you went back to see how many times you wore each item, that's probably an important aspect of the overall challenge. I think look #11 is my favorite, but they all look great!

  14. It's really cool to see them in a college like that. I really don't think I would be able to do this challenge at all!

    Corinne x

    1. Thanks, Corinne. I bet you could do this, you've got great style :)

  15. this is fantastic. i love reading all these tips and ideas lately about using what we have already. my wallet likes that too :)

  16. Love the recap! Nice work, Ginny!

  17. I LOVE all your looks! I especially love the polkadotted sweater with the purple skirt, totally gorgeous!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  18. it's pretty crazy how many outfits you can make with just 30 pieces!

  19. Loved seeing your outfits all month :) thank you so much for linking up, you nailed it! I loved following along!

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa Loquitur

  20. You did a really great job with this remix challenge, Ginny! I think my favorite is the polka dot sweater with the chambray top and purple skirt!