My New Favorite Outfit: Year in Review: Greatest Hits

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Year in Review: Greatest Hits

I thought it would be fun to show some of my most successful and most viewed posts today.  As much as I like showing my OOTDs, my most viewed posts were generally more focused on "How-to." As much work as these posts are to create, I also love doing them.  As I'm starting a new year, I'd love to hear some ideas you for have for other "how-to" posts you'd like to see, questions you'd like answered, or styles you'd like covered. Hit me with your best ideas!

Also, I want to thank you for your continued support.  This has been such a fun hobby and it's crazy for me to think about how many of you stop by here daily. It's so flattering to think that some of you find inspiration from me.  Thanks so much! Here's to another new year, and I'll do my best to make my posts worth your while :) 

Most Viewed and Pinned: "What's Your Style" Post

I really do love this look but am totally surprised at the number of re-pinnings and page view I've gotten.  I didn't blog it but this year I wore it with booties to switch it up a bit. : )

View Post Here

Most Popular Series: "Building A Wardrobe"

This was my favorite series to write, so I'm glad it was so successful.  Lots and lots of pins of all the different parts of this series too.

Most Popular How-to Post: "Utilizing Your Closet"

I loved writing this post and am so glad so many found it useful.  Why have great clothes if you can't find them in your closet, right?

A Close Second for How-to Series: "What Shopping Has Taught Me" 

I also loved writing this series, the idea just came to me and I'm glad it turned out like it did. : )

Most Popular Remix: "Twelve Ways to Wear the Herringbone Vest

This remix was one of my favorites of the year.  I love buying and showing off a versatile piece of clothing!

Thank you to all of you who read, comment, and follow along on this little blog of mine.  It's been such a fun creative outlet and I look forward to a great 2014!


  1. Here's to more in 2014! Keep up the great work!

  2. I have really enjoyed all your How to posts and series. I will have to go back and read your 'What's Your Style' post, I missed that one! You always do a great job of accessorizing. Have you done a 'how to' about that yet?

  3. Fun recap! I love looking back at some of the favorites of the year. It's always fun to see what things "catch on" on Pinterest, isn't it?
    On the Daily Express

  4. I love your blog and you are an amazing fashion inspiration to so many!!! Thank you for your amazing tips and gorgeous fashion!!! Happy New Year and congratulations on such a successful year or blogging!!

  5. Aww great recap! You have so many excellent posts, I've been loving every one of them!

  6. I enjoy reading your blog, Ginny! And I do find lots of inspiration and ideas from you. :)

  7. Love your how-to posts, looking forward to what 2014 has in store!
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I love your how-tos! These are all great! Happy New Year!

  9. so many great ideas here! Now I just need the vest haha

    Colour Me Classic

  10. I loved all of these posts! Happy New Year!

  11. You did the herringbone vest better than anyone else I have seen!

  12. Your how-tos are definitely one of the reasons I started absolutely loving your blog!