My New Favorite Outfit: How To: Style A Necklace

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To: Style A Necklace

This week for my how-to series I got the idea from  Laura at I do doClaire share some tips on how to chose a necklace, which can be the biggest statement your outfit will make.  I've pulled some pictures from my archives as well as some inspiration from Pinterest that I'll share with you today.

  • I think it's important to have one piece of classic bling in your wardrobe.  The "bling" part of the Stella and Dot Sutton is my favorite go to piece.  It's perfect to wear with layers like a button-down and sweater, or great to finish off an outfit like I did here.
  • You want your necklace to add to your outfit, not take away from it.  If you are wearing a top with a print, keep it simple with your necklace.  I wore the Sutton here too.  If you wear a necklace that is too complicated and busy it definitely takes away from your look instead of adding to it.
  • Don't be afraid to make a statement with your jewelry.  I think this is best done when you're wearing a solid top like I am below.  The Phoenix is my favorite statement necklace right now.  It always can make a boring outfit become anything but that!
  • It can be fun to color coordinate too.  Add a necklace that has complimentary colors to your shirt or dress, this can add such a fun final look to your outfit.  
  • Add a pop of color to your outfit with your necklace.  Wearing mostly neutral colors or black and white, adding a pop of color with a necklace like the Juniper to make your look anything but boring.
Here's a visual of these tips and keep reading for more tips on how to style a necklace:

For these next tips I went to Pinterest.  I didn't have any great pictures of my own to share but there are definitely some more great tips to share when comes to styling a necklace.

  • Layer your necklace with a scarf like seen here.  The overall look is so pretty!  When deciding to layer this way make sure to keep your shirt or blouse basic, if you try to pattern mix and layer with a necklace at the same time you'll end up looking over-styled.
  • Layer your necklaces like seen here. Start short and then add a mid-length necklace, and lastly add a long necklace.  This works best with either all silver or gold.  If you try to add in beads or mix metals the overall look could like you were playing dress-up in your mom's closet.
  • Wearing a plain blouse or t-shirt?  I long necklace can be a great addition to this look along with a layer like a chunky cardigan or sweater like seen here, and it will elongate your torso too.

Still have questions about styling a necklace?  I love this graphic I found on Pinterest.  I know I've made some mistakes in the past when it comes to a necklace-neckline combo, this graphic is great for helping with that.

Come back next week for another addition of my how-to series.  Also, want to see what I'm wearing today?  Stop by Instagram : )


  1. Yay!! I love your how-to's!! Saving this for future reference!!


  2. Necklaces add so much pizazz to any look! I think it's nice to have a variety of different kinds to coordinate with your outfit.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Great post Ginny. I love statement necklaces!!!!!!!!


  4. This was a real nice post. Last year alone I added about 25 Necklaces to my closet, including many Statement Necklaces and finally got a couple of Bubble Necklaces, too. I have started layering my Necklaces too, like I did on today's post. I do a lot of Necklace/Scarf combos and use them with layered Outfits, too. =) Necklaces are by far the most statement-making jewelry pieces. A great necklace goes a long way.

  5. I always used to wear pretty simple necklaces, they were just an afterthought to an outfit. And while I still don't have a huge collection of statement necklaces, I've definitely got quite a few. I've found that they should be considered when planning the entire outfit, instead of just trying to throw one on at the last minute without styling it. Great tips here, Ginny!

  6. I feel like you are the Queen of wearing the perfect necklaces!! Loved this post. Thanks so much for the great tips!!

  7. This is exactly what I need! Sometimes I'm so stumped as to what style necklace to wear with certain necklines. I kind of get confused and end up just not wearing one, haha.

    Corinne x

  8. Necklaces are totally one of my favorite things! Great tips!

  9. A necklace is such a great game changer for an outfit

  10. Love all these tips Ginny! I used to wear only simple silver necklaces with a small pendant, but this year I really got into statement necklaces. There are so many great ways to style them!

  11. Thanks for these awesome tips Ginny! I will always turn to the statement necklace to glam up any look!!!


  12. Great post Ginny!! Thank you so much for this info! I am printing this page to hang in my closet(: Susan

  13. I love necklace! What you can see on my blog :)