My New Favorite Outfit: Scarves and Dresses

Monday, January 13, 2014

Scarves and Dresses

This dress is definitely one of my favorite pieces. I've worn it a number of times, but was kind of stuck on how to style it a different way until Lauren of Fizz and Frosting wore her leopard dress like this. I feel like the bright scarf was the perfect touch to her look, so I decided to give it a try myself. I really love how it came together. I don't think I have considered scarves with dresses much, but after this outfit I definitely think I need to consider it more. Finding out my closet is even more mixable definitely brightens my day!  I think sometimes I take for granted the little things like this, so I thought today I'd share some of the simple loves in my life:

1. Clean. Sheets.  Seriously, sleeping on clean sheets is the best! If I had the time I probably put on fresh daily instead of weekly.
2. Bubble baths with a book.  I don't think I need to elaborate on the awesomeness that this is.
3. Pedicures- I used to go monthly before Grant was born and now I'm lucky to go twice a year.  Over Christmas break Grant went to daycare a few times and on one of the days I went and pampered myself with a pedi and my feet have never been happier, seriously, that girl was amazing.
4. Compliments from fellow fashionistas; it always makes my day to have stylish ladies give me a compliment.  Have you guys read The Five Love Languages? If not, you really should, mine is words of affirmation, AKA compliments.  My husband is good at a lot of things, but compliments isn't high on his list, so you ladies really help me out it that department. : )
5. Gift cards for Christmas, I'm excited to shop Loft's new spring clothes and am loving this skirt.
6.  The Grantster.  He's a pretty sweet kid....I might just be slightly biased. 

What about you?  What makes your day?  I'd love to hear about it.

Scarf: Craft Show almost exact
Cardigan: Banana Republic $7 (thrifted with tags) similar
Belt: Target $12 same /Target Coupons
Bracelets: Chimera, Moxie , Renegade 
tights: $5 TJ Maxx similar
Shoes: Bandilino $30 similar / DSW Coupons

Linking up with Lauren for Mix it Mondays.  Here are two other ways I've worn this leopard dress:


  1. The addition of the tights and cozy scarf transition the dress wonderfully for winter! I have some gift cards too to go shopping with...nothing is better than free clothes :)

    The Tiny Heart
    $50 PayPal Giveaway!

  2. Leopard & red is one of my favorite color/pattern combos!

  3. Love it! Red and leopard... my favorite combination! :) Gift cards for Christmas are the best.. that way you always get what you want!

  4. Very pretty Ginny!!!!! Great dress and so versatile. What makes my day is when I can have a little quiet time to myself, to either watch a show or just read. Love your list.


  5. that dress is so cute! and i need to take more baths!!

  6. Love the versatility of this leopard dress. Just finding my DVR recorded a new episode of one of my shows for me to watch before I go to bed makes me happy.

  7. The pop of red looks so cute with your dress! I love clean sheets, too. They are so nice and crisp and smell fresh. I am with you on that one! :)

  8. Such a polished look!! I love it!

  9. Nice outfit! I'm actually wearing something super similar today. Well, I had to take the scarf off because my classroom is extra warm today and I was overheating haha. And I'm currently reading The 5 Love Languages! I'd have to say my love language is quality time.

  10. You look so elegant and chic! I love the color combination! <3

    New Outfit Post: A Cozy Day

  11. Super cute Ginny! I love the red scarf against the leopard print! And I'm so with you on clean sheets - they are THE. BEST. Thanks for linking up again this week and for the shoutout! Hope you have a great week. ;)

  12. Love this dress on you and it looks great with the scarf!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. I'm obsessed with everything!!! I love it! Red looks amazing with leopard print. I agree with the compliments. They totally make my day! I love giving compliments too!! :)

  14. Love this look! So elegant and classy!

  15. Finding a big stack of magazines in the mailbox always brightens my day. :) I love how you paired the red scarf with the leopard print ( that's one of my fave combos).

  16. What a great color combo- that red is gorgeous! The scarf and tights really make it a cozy outfit compared to the other ways you wear it! And I'm totally with you on clean sheets. I sleep so hard after I put fresh ones on! It's magical!!

  17. One of my favorite dresses of yours
    Love how you styled it here