My New Favorite Outfit: Snow Boots and Vests

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Boots and Vests

 I have to be honest with you guys, I feel kind of guilty showing you outfits that are with vests on every-other post.  But, at the same point I pretty much love them this winter, and this blog is about showing my daily here you go, another outfit with a vest.  I've recently discovered that the perfect addition to an outfit with a vest are snow boots. The ones I have are actually like four years old. I bought them at of all places, Walmart. I was pregnant and needed boots so I wouldn't slip and fall walking in and out of school. I wore them a little bit that winter, and since then they were pretty much forgotten in my closet until just recently.  You guys. They are so comfortable, and I actually really like them. I actually wish I'd worn them yesterday.  Cool me, took a corner too quickly on our newly waxed floor, and although I didn't fall, I was wearing these booties and I twisted my ankle pretty badly. : (  I'm elevating it and icing it as I write this.  Fingers crossed I'm good today and don't have to limp around having to explain to every 7th grader I pass what happened....

Vest: Fossil $3 (thrifted)
Shirt: J.Crew Factory $25 almost exact
jeans: Old Navy $19 similar
Necklace: Stella and Dot  same
Bracelets: Stella and Dot samesame
Watch: Citizen same
boots: similar

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Also, on Friday I'm linking up with Katie at For Lauren and Lauren and her Kid Style Link-up.  I snapped a few quick pictures of Grant after church last Sunday.  FYI, he picks out his own clothes.  During the week it's pretty much Super-Hero everything, put he knows on Sunday he picks from his "church clothes," not bad if I do say so myself. : )

Vest: Polo
Button-down: OshKosh
Pants: Gymboree
Shoes (not pictured): Target


  1. Love this combo of red and navy! So classic but so much fun at the same time!!

  2. Love the gingham!! I have been known to go a little crazy with it at times.

    And Grant... so sweet!!


  3. I love your vest outfits no matter how often you wear them! Grant looks so cute! I can't believe he picked that out on his own!

  4. Love the gingham and red vest together! It's very adorable on you!

  5. Those snow boots are so cute. Loving the Red Puffer Vest. How many Vests do you own, I am curious, tell me.

  6. I am wearing my vests constantly too (for an extra layer of warmth). The gingham is so cute! I hope your ankle feels better today.

    And Grant is adorable in his plaid shirt/sweater vest combo!

    The Tiny Heart
    Headband Giveaway!

  7. Love it all! Vests have become a favorite of mine over the last couple of years. They add not only an extra layer of cool, but extra warmth!

  8. Oh I hope your ankle heals quickly! I'm super clumsy, so I'm doing stuff like that all the time.

  9. Red and Navy is one of my favorite combos! This is gorgeous! Stay warm!

  10. I love the vest paired with the plaid. Cute!

  11. Oh my gosh Grant is looking such the little man here! Love his cute little outfit. I hope your ankle is feeling better! And don't feel bad about vest outfits, I love vests and all the inspiration I can get from you.

  12. You are the queen of vests! You always make them look so good.
    Grant is adorable in these pics, so sweet.


  13. With this crazy #polarvortex a vest is a good piece to have under your coat.

  14. Wow, he picks his own clothes? That's great, I don't remember doing that as a child!

    Don't be sorry for the vests - they look fab on you. And it's winter! The boots are great, I love finding things I've forgotten about.

    Corinne x

  15. You rock the vests! They're functional and cute so why not?
    Speaking of cute- he's adorable! Awesome that he picks his outfits!!

  16. I too am a huge red + navy combo fan. You look very cute, and your son is so dapper! Also, are those bracelets from the new Stella and Dot line? Either way, love them!

  17. I love your boots! I need to get some new snow boots myself and yours are simply amazing. I can't believe you found them at Wal-Mart. Oh and I certainly hope your ankle feels better soon!
    And I can't get over how cute your little guy is and that he picks out his own clothes - that is so awesome!!!

  18. Aw! He is so precious! I love that he can dress himself so nicely for church.
    I don't mind your vests outfits one bit! You look great in them and know how to style them perfectly, might as well call you the vest queen :)

  19. Once we get several weeks into a season - doesn't matter which - we tend to develop a favorite piece/outfit that we just want to wear over and over again. It's just our nature to reach for what is working, especially when we don't feel like we have the time to experiment with different things when we know shirt + vest = cute (and warm!)

    I know I did the same thing last summer when I wanted to wear my white denim vest with my entire closet.

    Chic on the Cheap

  20. You look great! Love the vest and top. And what a handsome boy you have!!

  21. What a cute little guy! And you look great too :)

  22. there is something about a little guy in a sweater vest :) i love it! also, i'm a big fan of your boots! found you through katie's link up.

  23. Great photos. The little guy is the cutest!

  24. cozy and chic! :D the little guy is sooo adorable!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  25. I love the color of that vest--and snow boots, well, where we live they're just plain a necessity! I had to walk through 2 foot drifts of snow to get our mail yesterday! :P Your pair is really cute, though. Some snow boots are too practical to be cute. haha!

  26. Ouch! I hope you're on the mend soon! You look adorable in your winter getup (and I'm a little jealous that you can get away with just a vest! I'm bundled up in heavy wool coats and scarves!). And can Grant be any cuter?!

    (If you're interested, my current giveaway is for a delicate sterling silver arrow necklace from Chloe + Isabel.)

  27. i hope your ankle got better quickly! and grant is so handsome! plus i always love your vest outfits :)