My New Favorite Outfit: Ask Me Anything

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ask Me Anything

Last week I asked you all to hit me with your best questions, and I got some great ones! Today I'll be sharing my thoughts with you!


Question: "I am wondering if you ever feel self-conscious about your blog? As a blogger I do and am wondering if others feel the same way. I often feel my pictures aren't good enough and people will think I'm crazy for posting photos of myself. I'm just wondering if other bloggers feel the same way."

My answer: First off, I think this is a great question. I think putting yourself out there on the internet is huge and crazy.  It's weird to have friends see one of my outfits come up as a "suggested pin" for them on Pinterest. I've mentioned before how I think it can look as though we are really full of ourselves and vain to post images online.  There are also times I grow envious of other bloggers who take their outfit pictures in different locations, as I feel people like to see this, but it just doesn't work for me and my schedule. I can also feel frustrated when I'm trying to take pictures as they fit into my schedule and the lighting and wind won't cooperate. Above are four pictures with outfits I really like, and they make me feel good.  Wearing them on the blog or not, wouldn't have changed the outfit and I think that's important too. I'm working to be me and not some fictional version of who I really am.

Overall, I'm pretty at peace about what I share in my posts and make light of the fact, that it's really just me in clothes on any given day. I think the times I feel self-conscious are when my blog is brought up in conversations with friends.  It's not a hobby everyone has, and I don't want to seem like I think I'm more stylish than anyone else, because that's not true, I have a lot of very stylish friends.

Question: "How much time is involved in blogging?"

My answer: "For me personally, I spend twenty-thirty minutes a week taking pictures, then probably an hour creating each post. This includes, editing, the writing, and finding the links.  Fashion posts that I don't need to take/edit pictures are a lot quicker to write, maybe thirty minutes or less.  Most of this is done during Grant's nap time on Saturdays.

Question: "What got you started blogging?"

My answer: A few years back I was in a total style rut and discovered blogs. I didn't even know there was such a thing!  After reading a few, I decided to start my own.  I just wanted to be excited about getting dressed again and feeling good about myself.

Question: "Who takes your pictures for you? Do you take pictures of several outfits at one time? It looks like most of your pictures are taken outside. Do you worry about what the neighbors will think?"

My Answer: I have a tripod and a remote to help me take pictures. When I first began this hobby my husband took my pictures, and my mom and sister did a few times too, but then I felt like my hobby was inconveniencing those I loved.  I'm much happier taking them myself, as I can take 15-20 pretty quickly then sort through them for the best five or so.  I never would have asked anyone else to take that many pictures of me before.

I usually take my pictures on Saturday morning and I'll take three or four outfits in about twenty minutes.  If the weather is cooperating and I have more outfits planned, I'll take more than three or four. Weather and time don't always cooperate here, so if I can get the pictures taken, I can work to create the posts later when I have time.

My neighbor's know about my hobby, and although they haven't said it, they probably think I'm crazy ; ). Really, they are nice and down to earth, so I'm not too worried.

Question: "What denomination of church do you attend?"

My Answer: Our church is non-denominational, so I'd describe it as a "Christian Church."  It used to be associated with Southern Baptist in years past, but stands alone now.

Question: "What made you decide to make your blog more about your daily life and faith?"

My Answer: James 2: 23-24 says "And the scripture was fulfilled that says, “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness, and he was called God’s friend. You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone." My daily time with God should be reflected in my daily life. I felt this space needed to show who God is and what really matters to me.

Question: "How has your life changed since you started spending time with God each day doing devotions?"

My answer: "Since I started doing devotions last summer I feel like I'm more patient in my daily life and more able to handle what life sends my way. I love that I have time to myself in the morning while everyone else is still sleeping, something I crave being I'm around people every other moment of the day too. Instead of making God my 911 in cases of emergency, he's on my speed dial. Even when I wasn't spending time with God daily, he was still there, just waiting for me to come back to him, and I'm so glad I did!"

Personal Life:

Question: "What grade do you teach?"

My answer: I teach 7th grade language arts, which is basically reading and writing.  This is my 11th year teaching, and although I've taught in two school districts, this the is only subject I've ever taught.  I love the age and really enjoy my job!

Question: "What's a funny story from teaching?"

My answer: Being I teach 7th grade, I have A LOT of stories. One that sticks out is from last year.  I had a student who ended up behind his chair crouched down while I was teaching. I asked him what he was doing only to find out he had tied the strings to his hoodie to his chair and he was now stuck....trying to get his knot undone. I asked my what he was thinking???? His response, as his head hung low, "I don't know." And honestly, I think that was the truth. Just a typical day in my classroom...

Question: "What's your favorite activity to do with Grant"

My Answer: Saturday Mornings my husband goes and runs errands and does the grocery shopping while Grant and I run my errands and go to the library.  It's nice because we can take our time and hang out together. It's been our routine for years and I always enjoy it and he does too.

Question: "What's your favorite romantic memory with your husband?"

My answer: My husband proposed to me on his birthday because he couldn't think of a better birthday present that me becoming his wife. : )


Question: "I'm curious how you organize your jewelry- in a jewelry box, on the wall, in your closet? Statement necklaces take up a lot of space, so I need some new ideas."

My Answer: Organizing jewelry can be tough. I have flat jewelry tray that I lay my bracelets in, a jewelry stand similar to this for my short necklaces and a wall display similar to this one for my long necklaces.  Here are some affordable options:

Jewelry Organization

Question: "What are five closet stapes a woman in her thirties should have?"

My Answer: That's a great question! I'm going to make it six though ; ) For fall and winter I'd say a pair of classic black heels, a black pencil skirt, a great pair of dark denim jeans with a slim leg, a crisp white button down or chambray, a crew neck sweater in a color you love, and a shift or fit and flare dress (depending on your shape) in a black, navy, or gray.  The outfit combinations with these pieces is nearly endless.

Question: "What are your top three shopping tips?"

My Answer: I hadn't really thought of this before, but I love this question.  One, would be to shop with a purpose. That means online or in stores. In the past I'd go shopping, just to see what was out there, and I'd buy all kinds of things on sale I didn't need. Now, I go with something specific in mind, like "new jeans." It's easier to make wise purchases that way.  The second would be to utilize coupons and online codes. If I know I need something, like jeans, I wait until I get an email from Old Navy, Loft, whatever about a sale they have going on, then I shop. Lastly, I'd say try on multiple sizes. I always grab two sizes to try on before deciding the item is a yes or no. If I hold it up and it looks big, I'll get a small and a medium. If the item looks small, I'll get a medium and large. Same with pants, I'll either grab a 6 and 8 or 8 and 10. No one sees your size, but they do see how it looks on you.

Question: "What's your favorite outfit?

My Answer: For fall and winter I'd say my favorite dressy outfit is a shift dress with a belt and a cardigan/blazer/fur vest. My favorite casual outfit is a sweater, vest, slim leg black pants and brown boots. Both the dressy and casual outfits can have a ton of different combinations within my closet, which I love.

Question: "What's your budget each month" 

My Answer: My husband and I took a Dave Ramsey course about four years ago and went to cash for our "free money" each month.  We each get $125 to spend as we choose. If  I want to buy fifty things I can, or if I want to buy just a few pricier things I can too. I used to use the debit card and my husband would see five charges and think I'd spent a million dollars, when really it would be like $40. Going to cash has helped give us both peace of mind.

This isn't for just clothes, it's also for pedicures, haircuts, dinner with friends, a coffee treat, etc.  Whatever I don't spend, I can carry over to the next month too.  I should note I do have some blogging income and c/o items which I don't include in my budget. Sometimes I save the money for trips, and sometimes I'll go over my $125 to make a bigger purchase. This isn't a monthly occurrence, but I want to be transparent. This month I used about $50 of blogging money to go beyond my budget. I got the itch for spring clothes, even though it doesn't look like I'll be able to wear them anytime soon....

Here's a peek at the things I bought this month:

Feb. Budget

Cardigan /  Merona zipper purse / Women's Adria Genuine Leather Riding Boots floral kimono / ikat kimono

1. Merona pencil skirt (similar to picture) - via thredUP $4
2. Lumerie print dress (similar to picture) - via thredUP $20 (partial credit)
3. Gap dress new with tags - via thredUP $8 (partial credit) It's from last spring, so no picture, but this is close up of the print)
4. Leather riding boots- Target $30 These are the best purchase ever!
5. Merona Purse - $11 I haven't gotten a new purse in nearly two years and was excited to grab this for such a deal
6. Cardigan $11 I'll be honest I only bought this so I could get free shipping with the boots, but really ended up loving it!
7. Floral kimono- Target $18
8. Ikat kimono - Target $18 - I'm not sure I'll keep both. It's been too cold to wear them, so I need to play around with them before deciding.

I also got a haircut -$40, had three coffee drinks $15, appetisers with friends - $6, and dinner out with book club- $10

Total: $191

This was a really fun post to write! Thanks to all of you who sent me these great questions!


  1. It was a fun post to read! Thanks for sharing and answering all these questions!

  2. So fun learning more about you! I love the story about your hubby- so sweet!

  3. I think this was my favorite post! I loved reading more about you, too! Have a great day, Ginny!

  4. I love this Ginny! Your story about the kiddo tied to the chair made me laugh out loud. As a parent of a jr high student, I know that there are a lot of tears and smile that come with that age! Thanks for answering my question too. I feel most insecure when I am around my friends here. I feel like they are judging me for my blog even though no one has ever mentioned it! I need to just get over it! Thanks for the wardrobe staples list too. You bless me daily (: Susan

  5. Awe, this was so much fun!! You inspired me to do a post along these lines too. It's nice to get others perspectives on blogging and life in general, plus it was fun to get to know you a little bit I didn't know what grade you taught until today! :) Thanks for sharing and opening up!

  6. I never would have guessed you used a tripod! The photos are so great!! Loved reading the Q&As! Thanks for sharing! <3 -

  7. I never would have guessed you used a tripod! The photos are so great!! Loved reading the Q&As! Thanks for sharing! <3 -

  8. I loved your post! And to all the bloggers out there...if you were my neighbor I would offer to help take your pictures! I love all of the daily inspiration you offer...both clothes and faith.

  9. What a neat post, I think you should do these more often. I loved reading about your budget and fall/winter essential statements. Thanks for sharing and being transparent with how life goes for you.
    Garay Treasures

  10. Ginny I just love how sweet and open you are. I do the same thing when I try on clothes...bring multiple sizes! This was such fun post to read. Thank you for sharing!

  11. This was a fun post to read, thanks for sharing!

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  13. I love posts like these! It's always fun to get to know more about the bloggers you love and read every day. I've thought about doing one of these posts for a while. I may have to jump on it soon! Also, that ikat kimono! Another blogger posted it this week and I was def going to splurge and buy it (I see it paired with something oranage for some reason) but it's sold out in my size and my Target didn't have it :(

  14. This post turned out so well! I saw quite a few familiar questions in there :) Your proposal story is just so adorable. What a sweet idea. Your shopping tips are great. I've found that having a wishlist on my phone helps me when I'm shopping, especially in thrift stores where you'll find a little of everything. You make me want to do a post like this too! Where did everyone send you their questions?

  15. I really enjoyed reading this - what a fun idea! I love how you have added more of your faith into your blogging. This year I started doing morning devotions and I love it! Have a great rest of the week!