My New Favorite Outfit: Trading Ruins for Grace

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Trading Ruins for Grace

It's no secret that I love to start my day reading She Reads Truth.  Last week one post stuck out to me pretty significantly here.  The posted stated, "We give our lives to Christ only to try to take them back again. We experience the true love of God, the redemption of our sins, but we are determined to come back in wallow in the mess of our own making—as if we don't have a Savior."  Man, that is some crazy stuff!  I know His truth, yet so often I am literally wallowing in a mess of my own making. 

Here's the cool part though, "We hand him our ruins and receive His grace!" Every morning I get to choose: Will I keep on wallowing in my own mess, or will I receive His grace and the freedom from sin that comes with it?

As I write this the lyrics of Dennis Jernigan on on repeat in my head:

"You are the Maker and Redeemer and the Lord of all I am.

You are my Love, you are my life, you are the grace by which I stand.
In these days of fear and chaos you are peace to broken hearts.
In the darkness shine your light and show how near you really are.
You are my God!"

God created the world, yet I try to control my own life at times....only for it to end badly. I'm sick of wallowing and if you ever have been a wallower like me, or are now busy wallowing right now, let's hand him our ruins! His grace is so much better!

Today is probably going to be the last time I wear my fur vest until next fall. You all know how much I've loved it this year. I tried to transition this outfit to spring a bit by not reaching for my riding boots and instead wearing my ankle pants and new adorable cap toe espadrilles from Target. They are adorable and feel like slippers.  Now, I must say, I tend to wear heels on the blog, because they make me look taller and slimmer, but a lot of my non-blogged outfits are wearing flats like this. It's funny how the mind can trick us. I love a good heel, but a cute flat is definitely a girl's best friend too.

Vest: Target
Sweater: J.Crew same
Pants: Target same
Necklace: Stella and Dot similar
 Bracelets: chloe + isabel c/o samesame 
Shoes: Mossimo same

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  1. These flats are so cute! I've been seeing the different espadrille flats from Target but haven't seen these patterned ones before!

  2. Those new flats from Target are awesome. Love how many fantastic outfits you have created with this pretty fur vest, already. WOW!!

    Hope all is well. =)

  3. i saw those shoes at Target, but I fell in love with the taupe color. They didn't have my size in the store, so I was going to order them on line until I read some of the reviews. People said that they didn't hold up well at all. How are yours? Do you think they will make it at least through the Spring/early summer season?

  4. My poor fur vest has been so neglected this year! Which is crazy because last year I wore it over and over. I love that you casual-fied your vest with this cozy striped sweater and your new shoes! At first I didn't I liked this whole espadrilles trend, but now I'm thinking with an outfit like this I could make them work appropriate and maybe I do like them :)

  5. I definitely agree with you on loving a good heel but we also need good flats. I have a lot since I'm really tall, I might have to take a trip to Target.

  6. You've had so much fun with that fur vest!

  7. The vest looks really nice. I love flats.

  8. I have always been down with a good flat!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  9. I just couldn't make the fur vest work on me! I ended up selling mine. You look so cute in yours though! Also loving those espadrille flats.

  10. Amazing combination, love the stripes.