My New Favorite Outfit: More God, Less Me

Monday, March 16, 2015

More God, Less Me

Sometimes I just find myself getting so antsy. I want things my way, in my timeline, and to my liking. That's a lot of "my." I find myself thinking about things that don't really matter and then I waste more time thinking about those very things.  Now I know most people wouldn't use the word "self-centered" to describe me, but sometimes I just feel like that's exactly what I am, I think I just hide it better than some.

It's in my thoughts, like when I'm giving Grant a bath and instead of enjoying the time with him, I'm really thinking about how I want to watch the next episode of Gossip Girl. It's when I could get Grant early, but instead go to Target to "look." Now I realize there is nothing wrong with wanting some time to myself, I just feel like sometimes I use that time in a way that isn't wise or lasting. My way, my timeline, and my liking aren't always super beneficial.

I began to look up some verses and came across this one from 1 Timothy 5:6 "But, whoever is self-indulgent is dead even when he lives." Yikes. When I'm so focused on myself I'm really missing the point of what this life is all about: Loving people and loving God. It's not about me.

John 3:30 says "He must increase, but I must decrease." Spending daily time with God has definitely changed me for the better, but I am far from a finished work. Each day is an opportunity for me be become better. It's not just my thoughts that should change, it should show in my actions and how I spend my time too.

1 Corinthians 10:31 says "So, whatever you eat or drink, and whatever you do, do for the glory of the Lord." I really want to strive to make this my mantra. Everything I do should be to glorify God. I know I'm not perfect and will make mistakes each day, but with this on my mind, I hope to make "my" life and "my" time a better reflection of who God is and what really matters.

I recently picked up this burnout tank from Target. I wore it first with these black ankle pants and heels for a date night, but decided to wear it today with this new white jeans I got from the Loft for 40% off.  I've been itching for some new ones because I feel like my old ones are too low of a rise on me anymore (I think I'm getting old). I really like these because they are a straight leg, instead of a skinny so I feel like the bottom is more flattering than a few of the other ones I tried first at Target and Old Navy. Today I thought it would be fun to style it casually with my denim jacket from thredUP  (use this thredUP link to get $10 off your first order) 

I'm also wearing my fun jewels from Rocksbox again. I think it's such a fun service! It's like test driving a car before you buy it. I get to try this fun jewelry for as long as I'd like, then either buy it at a discount or send it back for some new to try.  I'm really loving the pieces they sent this month. You can see some more ways I've styled them here. I'm keep one piece this time, but the cool thing is if I decide I can to buy the other pieces later I can. You can try Rocksbox free for a month, just sign up with the code "newfavoriteoutfitxoxo."

Jacket:  Gap similar via thredUP (use this thredUP link to get $10 off your first order)
Tank: Mossimo same
Jeans: Loft  same
Necklace and Bracelet c/o Rocksbox (try it for free with the code "newfavoriteoutfitxoxo.")
Watch: Wristology same c/o Get 25% off
Shoes: Aerosoles similar


  1. You are getting some great pieces from Rocks Box! What is the name of your necklace? I love it!! You look simply lovely and spring-like today!! Thanks for the motivation today! Susan

  2. Love that tank and your great Rocksbox jewelry! They look perfect together!

  3. I'm sold on the wedges, Ginny! I love those! I'm looking to buy a new pair soon.

  4. Love the print on that top! 1 Corinthians 10:31 is always good to have in your mind. I, too, have to remind myself that it's not about me, it's about Him always. ~Cynthia

  5. What a lovely spring outfit Ginny, but even more lovely are Gods words to try and meditate on and follow (even though hard or harsh to take in sometimes). I know what you mean about feeling "self-centered" as I know I have felt this way for awhile now (and having a blog doesn't help but only increases this feeling or fact). It is hard to find balance for sure but you are doing great and probably even better than me at turning to God about it and making changes for the better.
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

  6. We all get antsy at times, like we want to speed it up which is not good. That tunic is gorgeous but may I suggest it with some skinny white jeans or any skinny denim and of course leggings, next time? The outfit is still nice I just think skinnies would look better. And I love the necklace.

    Happy Monday to you!

  7. Love that shirt! It looks so chic! <3 -

  8. Love that shirt! It looks so chic! <3 -

  9. I just found your blog! Not only do I love your style, but more importantly, your Godly heart! I can't wait to read more:)