My New Favorite Outfit: A Story About Me: Madame Butterfly

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Story About Me: Madame Butterfly

Blog Everyday in May Challenge, Day 18: Tell a story from my childhood.

I started out being a fashionista at a very young age, I was also a pretty creative child.  One of my favorite stories comes out of both of these descriptions.  I was in kindergarten and helping my mom go through her maternity clothes from my newly born sister, when I came across this cream flowy shirt.  This was the early 80s, mind you.  I remember the shirt had an umpire waist and big billowing sleeves. I put it on and was a hundred percent sure I looked like Madame Butterfly. I believe she's from an opera, but I have no idea how my five-year-old self knew anything about that.  I proceeded to add to my  "look" by asking my mom to braid buns on both sides of my head, as this was required for Madame Butterfly. I'm quite sure the likeness was uncanny.

I must have played for hours in my imaginary world.  It didn't stop there, though.  I went to school and kept up my charade.  I wasn't allowed to wear my mom's maternity shirt, A.K.A. my Madame Butterfly ensamble. However, I did wear my hair in my cool braided buns. I remember I still wrote "Ginny" on my paper, but wanted to be called by new pseudonym by my friends.  I proceeded to tell them I was "Ginny's twin cousin from Japan." For real.  I even remember one day at recess having a friend ask me when "Ginny was coming back."  Evidently "Ginny" was cooler than "Madame Butterfly."


  1. really likedd
    great blog and purposes <3
    Sergio, xx

  2. Hahahaa. This is such a funny story and unexpected. Not that I ever doubted you were ever a Fashionista (duhh!! I know that =D) but because I guess I had the impression you were a quiet, timid child. But my I was wrong. Your imagination was wild even at such a young age, girl, besides being stylish. ;-)

    Have a Great Weekend, Madam Butterfly.

  3. I love Madame Butterfly...I am half Japanese:) I am following you on GFC. Have a nice Sunday!

  4. That was a cool thing to do
    most kids love to play dress up.
    I enjoyed reading this post.