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Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Miss Jill

Blog Everyday in May Challenge, Day 12: Who do you miss?

A little over a year ago I lost a dear friend to Cancer.  She bravely fought the battle for nearly a decade, never losing faith in God.  I truly have never seen faith and love in anyone also the way I saw it in Jill and her husband, Ryan.  I've done my fair share of whining and complaining about foolish things, but I've never really had true tragedy happen in my life, not like this.  Jill and Ryan make me want to be a better person, someone who is more loving, and full of faith regardless of the circumstances.  It's easy to praise God when times are good, but our truth faith and character shines the brightest when we're in the middle of pain.  So, here's a small look into who Jill was.

Jill was an amazing friend.  It can be so easy to make situations about us, especially when we're having hard times.  Jill never made it about her.  She was always there to lend an ear, quick to make delicious treats, and always with a smile.  Jill started with being diagnosed with breast cancer, went into remission, then got ovarian cancer and went into remission.  Then she got bone cancer, which eventually spread to her major organs and brain.  The chronic pain associated with this and the tole that Chemo takes on the body is indescribable, but she didn't complain. Ever.  I can't even begin to comprehend this.

Jill was gracious.  The year before Jill passed away her husband Ryan threw her an amazing surprise party.  I'm talking amazing.  He sent letters to different celebraties and asked them to send a birthday message to Jill, and the did!  Richard Simons sent a video, for real and she even got a special birthday message from Mathew Mcconaughey, for real.  The list of celebrities was pretty huge, that along with about 200 family and friends and messages from family and friends across the country made this celebration amazing!  Little did we know this would be her last birthday as she'd pass away a few days shy of her next birthday.

Jill and Ryan had an amazing marriage.  Ryan ran in many cancer walk/runs in support of Jill with her at the finish line waiting for him.  They seriously make me want to be a better wife.

Jill has an amazing family.  This photo was taken recently in memory of Jill.  Her husband Ryan asked us to take a picture of our family holding Dr. Peppers (her favorite drink) in memory of her.  The outpouring of photos could be found all over Facebook.

At Jill's final birthday celebration she came in to the song Firework by Katy Perry, this will forever be her anthem  to me, and that's what I'll leave you with today.  

I miss you Jill!


  1. She sounds like an amazing person! I am sorry you lost a friend but the things people teach up stay with us forever :)

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. Jill sounds lovely, such a shame that people are taken from us at an early age. Its good that you have good memories of her and her life :)

  3. those are the worst things that could happen in a life, lost a friend or parents it's horrible, but the soul and the affects remain everyday!!!!
    You're so sweet!
    Have a good day!

  4. What a lovely lady and a lovely story. It's so sad when special people are taken from us, but it's amazing how they stay with us in such important ways.

  5. She's beautiful, her eyes are such a lovely colour.

    It's so horrible to lose somebody, but it sounds like she had a lot of love around her. The dr pepper photo is so lovely! That girl must have had good taste if Dr Pepper was her fav drink, it's mine too! =)

    Corinne x

  6. What a lovely tribute to your friend. I've also lost friends at too early an age and it's hard to bear. My sympathies.

  7. so sweet and lovely, and i teared up! she sounded like an amazing lady.

  8. Wow, this really made me tear up. I am so sorry for your loss, she sounds like she was an incredible person, a loving person through & through. This is a really beautiful tribute to her, you can tell you really loved her. I'm so so sorry, Ginny :(

  9. This is so sweet, Jill sounds like a really amazing and strong person and i'm so sorry that that had to happen:( So nice of Ryan to throw her that surprise party though and that dr pepper picture is really great.

  10. She sounds like a wonderful lady and you are so lucky to have known her. Take care, Ginny! :)


  11. Jill sounds like such an amazing person. My cousin just passed away from leukemia and was much like Jill...never complaining, always bringing a smile to everyone's face. It definitely makes me want to be a better person too. We are lucky for having had the chance to know them :)

    The Other Side of Gray