My New Favorite Outfit: 30x30 Day 4: Polka Dots and Boots

Saturday, January 5, 2013

30x30 Day 4: Polka Dots and Boots

Day 4:

This blouse has been sitting in my closet pretty much unworn since I bought it on a whim at Express a few years ago.  I added it to my 30 choices to force myself to wear it.  I like this look as a nice weekend look, it's pretty comfortable and will be easy for running errands, like to buy the perfect plaid shirt I won't be able to wear until February.  I've seen so many cute ones lately it's killing me!  I also need want a striped skirt so badly!  

Blouse: Express $20
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft $3 (thrifted)
Necklace: Charming Charlie's $1
Belt: Kohls $1.5
Jeans: Old Navy $19
Boots: Born $100


  1. This shirt is cute! I always buy things and they sit in my closet until one day I decide to match it up with something.

  2. Cute outfit!! I love how you pulled it together. Loving your picture in the snow!

  3. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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  4. I feel like that Express blouse (& that cardigan!) would be gorgeous with a black/white skinny striped skirt! Just enough pattern to be interesting, but not overwhelming. Get one get one get one!

    Also, I love the new header for your blog! So cute! :)

  5. I always impulse by things that I never wear! Aaarrghhh! At least you are getting your money's worth now =) It's a cute t-shirt. I loveeeeeed yesterdays outfit so much, I cannot wait to see what is next.

    Corinne x

  6. I think this is my favourite outfit of your 30x30 so far. It is my style (when I eventually go back to my jeans that is) down to a tee! Come meet me for lunch and shopping, that is what this outfit says to me (am I weird that I sometimes think outfits talk to me?) lol

    Looking lovely!!

    Janine xx

  7. Oh my goodness! You found some great deals for this outfit - awesome!!!

    Happy Saturday!


  8. If you find a cute white and navy striped shirt, let me know where!!! I destroyed my favorite one and need another one!

    BTW, I love the 30X30. If I had any fashion sense at all, I'd do that. I have so many things I love and no ideas!

    Happy Weekend!

  9. I have so many pieces that I have yet to wear from my closet! I like the shirt though. Very versatile !

    xoxo Jayne from

  10. This outfit looks great! Love the metallic (I think?) belt and that cardigan was such a great steal!!!

    Have a great weekend,

  11. I included a few unworn or underworn items in my 30 for 30 selections too - I figured it was good motivation to style them up!

  12. Hopefully you'll love the shirt after wearing it throughout the challenge! :) The gray pants I included in my selections are for the same reason. I found them with the tags still on them after buying them months ago.

    Jess - J's Style

  13. you are adorable , love ur boots

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  14. Great outfit :)

  15. Another winner - looking good!

  16. Great outfit!

  17. i adore your boots!!! looking great, dear!

    better late than never, but happy new year!!!

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  18. I like this long taupe cardigan & the trim on the pockets is adorable!! Casual Cutie here. I have a cardigan in this color, similar boots & all the other pieces. I might give it a try.